Miki Shake
Heyhey (:
Sooo i think i have decided on my halloween costume :)!
I usually don't dress up or go out really, i mean a party here and there but yeah.
This year i kinda wanna hang out with my friends baby sister. ^_^
Sooo, you're probably waiting for me to tell you what i have decided to cosplay... Hmhmhmhms
......You are just going to have to read on :)

Hey everyone! :)
So me and my best friend, Mat decided to go downtown today.
So while we were down there i remembered about Hottopic and how they have Sailor Moon t-shirts.
I got really excited and had to go in!
I'm really happy cause i got them, i'm kinda upset cause they didn't have the t-shirt with Sailor Moon on it in medium so i had to get an x-large .. D:
I'm really happy i got them cause i love Sailor Moon <3
Im sad they didn't have any shirts with the outer scouts but oh well :/
Happy with what i got <3
Talk to you all laters!
HeyHey everyone (:
I hope everyone is doing okay ~ <3

I think i've decided that for AnimeNorth i want to do Sailor Saturn...
I mean i would feel funny doing Sailor Neptune without a Uranus >n<
And i want to be able to already know them so i wouldn't just hang out for a photoshoot it would be the whole time D:
Plus my friends going as Sailor Pluto and Sailor Saturn are very similar SO >w<

My friend, Lauren, is going away to Vancouver back to university since she goes to university there.
I am very sad that she is leaving, so since she is leaving me and my other friends have decided that we all are going to go to Pmall {Pacific Mall}...I think that it will be much fun since we love that place and it will be a nice way to say goodbye <3
Well that's all, so have fun everyone! :)
Tata for now <3
Hey there everyone! :)
I hope you all are doing well! I'm very sad that the summer is almost over..
It went by way too quickly!

I recently began re-watching Sailor Moon.
I had been re-watching it last summer but now i've continued on that mission to finish it :3
I'm thinking of doing a Neptune cosplay for AnimeNorth 2012!

Me and my mom as well when to a park downtown in our town
And took photos of my Tomoyo Daidouji cosplay, gosh i love the photos and location <3
I will upload them to the gallery later this week so look out for that :3
My friend Lauren also found a photo of us at FanExpo!
We look so cute :3

OH. And is anyone else super duper excited for the re-release of the Sailor Moon manga? :3
Hi there everyone!
I apologize for being so absent lately, :C
I haven't meant too, i just have been kinda busy >n<
I apologize from the bottom of my heart, i've missed all of you ~

But i have some exciting stuff to share with you!

So lately i have been into the anime 'Angel Beats!'
I love it so much!!! It's really interesting because i have never watched an anime with a plot quite like it!
I love the animation it in, as well as the awesome characters! ~
So if you have not checked out Angel Beats yet, i think you should!!!

I have also been into the anime Macross Frontier
Along with Angel Beats! , Macross Frontier has been on my list of animes to watch forever! ~
I finally got around to it and i am super duper happy that i did because i love it!!
It's really good!
My favourite character is Ranka Lee, she's so cute ~
I like Sheryl Nome, kinda.... I don't like how she's kind of developing a relationship with Alto
I like him and Ranka >n<
I guess i have to continue watching to see how the outcome will be though!
On July 30th, i attended ConBravo! , it's a small gaming convention in Burlington, Ontario.
I was really excited for it, but truthfully, i was really disappointed. >n<
I was hoping there would be more anime related things to do but there wasn't much!
Me and my friends were incredibly bored throughout the whole thing ;~;
I was suppose to go 2 days but i only ended up going 1, thankfully.
I can't wait for FanEXPO though!
I have three of my cosplays so far, i'm just waiting on my other CardCaptor Sakura one.
Well... Me and my mom were suppose to make the summer uniform, but we ended up just buying one from ebay.
Which i am completely okay with ~
We didn't even have the school badge!
I hope my tomoyo wig arrives in time so i can wear Tomoyo instead of Sakura ... XD

Well that's all i have to say,
I'll update you guys later! ~ Baibai
Hey everyone!
I hope everyone is doing well, i'm very excited to say that i had a blast at the Toronto Cosplay Picnic yesterday!
The people at the picnic were so nice, i made some new friends and i'm so happy i enjoyed myself and went! :D
I didn't expect people to be so nice, but they were so i was superduper thrilled! :3

The cosplays were amazing!
Some were so cute! I was around all cuteness, and thought i was going to die of all the cuteness, lol.
It seemed like Pokemon was the most popular cosplay there. There was a huge group and i got a photo!
They all looked so cute, and did awesome jobs on their cosplays!

The group for MSPA cosplayers was huuugeee as well, they even had their own topic on coscom for the picnic i was like woah o.o
I didn't know what the people were dressed up as at first but than i asked my friend and she told me, i was like "OHH. Lol."

I also picked up the Vampire Knight volume 3 from someone at the picnic, i was super thrilled C:
Their cosplay was awesome too! So i was superduper happy, heh.
I got home around 9ish but i had so much fun it was all worth it! :D

Thanks for an awesome picnic guys! ^_^
I've decided that my next cosplay project is going to be Anarchy Stocking.

She's just so darn cute, i think it'd be awesome to do her Anarchy form since i'm already doing her Angel form this summer for FE 2011. :D

And i would def make her plushie :D I would make a zipper in the back, that way i could put money and my phone inside of it if i was attending a con, :P

Well that's all for now, i'll leave you with this song, my current favourite <3
Heyhey there everyone!
I'm so excited, schools literally almost over.
I have an inclass exam tomorrow, for media arts than i'm done.
A test on friday than done for religion.
And exam review for the rest of my English classes
And art culminating, it's pretty smooth sailing from here!
Got my first two Vampire Knight mangas! For 8$ practically brand new, COMPLETE SCORE!
Kijiji is definitely a life saver, thank god for that site.

I also picked up my wig, and i love it! It's so good (:
I'm really pleased (:

That's it for now guys though, talk to you later!
Hey guys!
Guess what! I just ordered my Angel Stocking, Serah Farron && Nightclass uniform cosplays!
I'm so excited! :D We were going to make them but there really is no time, even though there's summer approaching, my mom just simply does not have the time.
We are making my Miku Hatsune World Is Mine cosplay so i'm stoked about that!
I am really happy because my friend is cosplaying as WIM Kaito with me, so i won't be alone!
I've been alone throughout all my cosplays since, so i'm super happy!

I'll be debuting my WIM at the Toronto Cosplay Picnic on the 25th of June or the 26th if it ends up raining on the 25th!
I'm going to pick up my wig tomorrow... well today since it's 12:16, and also two Vampire Knight mangas!
Super excited!
I will update you guys with the progress of my Miku cosplay, i'm getting started on it this friday with my mom hehe.

We bought my cosplays from CoCoSilver btw, i heard bunches of good reviews so i feel pretty happy with that choice!

I also have one week left than we start exams, schools almost done! I cannot wait :D I only have one exam that week so it's pretty easy hehe, than summa vacay! :D
Heyhey everyone!
I'm so freaking excited!
I talked to my mom and she said that we can fersure do Miku Hatsune 'World Is Mine' cosplay!
For the Toronto Cosplay Picnic.
I am so happy, it's a good cosplay to do since it isn't very heavy and such and i'll won't get very hot because it's an airy dress 8D

I was not sure in which Miku outfit i had been wanting to do, i didn't really want to do normal Miku since everyone does that >.<
I'm also excited because my friend wants to do WIM Kaito next year so it will be so freaking cool! (:
We'll match, hehe. I've never had a cosplay that matches someone elses so, yayay!

I've also confirmed my other cosplays that i have to do for the summer, here's the list.

♥Cosplay List, Summer 2011♥

Cosplay Picnic Toronto { June 25 or June 26 } - Miku Hatsune : World Is Mine
Conbravo! Burlington { July 30-31 } - Yuki Cross : Vampire Knight , Sakura Kimomoto : CardCaptor Sakura
FanEXPO Toronto { August 25-28 } - Serah Farron : Final Fantasy XIII , Yuki Cross : Vampire Knight , Stocking : Panty And Stocking With Gartnerbelt , OWN DRESS : MISC

I'm also very happy because i've been sketching out some dresses that i want to do this summer.
And i think i found one that i really like, so i'll try to convince my mom to do it for me (:


Good thing about having a variety of cosplays is you can do them over and over again if you want.
Also found some cheap Manga on Kijiji!!
Woooo score, :P

Also found a wig seller near me with amazing wigs, double score!
Well that's it, baibai for nows!
I'll def update everytime i finish something on my cosplays. (:

Oh! And it would mean a million if you guys could vote for me in the Otaku House cosplay idol competition! :D


Hey guys! So i am here to bring you a review for the site Cosplayhouse.com , and a cosplay that i had purchased from them. That cosplay being, my CardCaptor Sakura Kitty dress, yepyep.
So my first impressions i thought the cosplay looked absolutely amazing, but after i had bought it wi was a bit uneasy if it would arrive in time. I had than started to read reviews on the internet and such about the website and alot of people had been posting very negative things about the website so i started to get a bit annoyed. >.<
I had ordered it at the beginning of the month, and they said that it takes 3-4 business weeks to get here, so i was all "Great it'll show up in time." ... Turns out it didn't, it showed up the wednesday after the con, annoyed i was.
Their customer service is kind of crappy, i mean yeah they do reply to you, but they kept telling me the same things over and over again and avoiding within answering my questions. "It takes 3-4 weeks to make and shipped out."  When that was not exactly what i was asking, which is kind of annoying.
So my first impressions of the dress when i had opened the package, i was pretty surprised, i mean it looked pretty decent.
I was very worried that it would not come with the ears or the tail because on the website they did not specify that but it did which i was VERY happy about.
The material does not really feel cheap, they have invisible zippers which is really helpful because nobody wants to see someones zipper on their cosplay >.<
The outfit also came with a pettiskirt which i was worried about that i would not be able to get one with it.
But thankfully it did some with it, it gives it a bit of a poof which can be helpful sometimes, and it isn't really that bad, it's a pretty good pettiskirt.
I found nothing defective with the ears, they were perfect.
The material is really soft and they just look really nice so i am very happy about that.
One thing i do not like is the fact the tail is holded by a safety pin, it's not secure at all but a simple sew to the dress wouldn't be too much work for me.
So it's not really a big deal.
I did notice though that there was a hole in the bottom part of the tail, it's very minor and the fur really covers it up but it was just kinda annoying.
But i can simple just stitch that back.
One thing that i did notice about the apron was that it had a bit of a small circle brownish stains on it.
I'm not sure whether it will comme out if i wash it but yeah, >.<
It's very minor but i was able to notice it so.. Errr. Yeah.
The choker is just a string that had the bell attached, but the bell was attached by a VERY small elastic piece of thread.
It easily fell off as i was on my way to my moms, i had a feeling that it would.
But thank god that my mom was able to stitch it back on, because i think they should of sewn it on much better but eh what can you do?

Here is a picture of me wearing the cosplay.
Overall i am pretty happy with the outcome of the cosplay, and i am very happy that i had bought it instead of make it, it would have been hell to make this dress, especially on my moms schedule.
Woulda been very tight.

I am very pleased because of all the reviews that people leave about this site i am actually very happy with the cosplay that i had recieved and the quality of it as well.
I definitely if i need a quickish cosplay or am too lazy to make it i will definitely return back to them!

Although mine was not defective, i am not sure in whether the whole site has good quality cosplays so yeah, don't take my word for it but the one that i had got i was VERY pleased with!

My rating is a B, :P