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Hey there everyone!
I have a review for you guys today, this time it's on a Korean acne skin facial line.
I have suffered from acne in the past, not so bad, but constant small breakouts and such.
I have tried alot of products, including ProActiv, Netrugena, Clean & Clear, and other high end products.
Nothing had really worked, i had read up on asian skin products and had read that they work well, because i mean most asians have very nice skin!!
I found this one product, Lioele.
They had a line especially for acne, and i thought why not just give it a try?
Before hand though i had researched and found good results and such of people talking about the products.
Which drove me to try out Lioele!
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Hey there everyone! :)
New website layout if you didn't notice ^_^
But anyways onto the good stuff.....
I hope everyone is having an awesome weekend! I had an amazing one!
You might be wondering why..! Because FanEXPO 2011 was this weekend!!!!
I have been excited for a whole year! Since the last Fanexpo!
And it finally came and i had an amazing weekend!
I met so many people, got photos, hung out with friends, etc!
Everyone loved my cosplays, and i was really thrilled that people did like them! C:
I've already found many photos of myself and other people!!
I'm as well very thrilled because my HoneyColour order came in while i was out at my friends in Toronto for the weekend, for FanEXPO of course!
So when i got home i was welcomed to a very happy surprise! :3
I really love buying circle lenses from Honeycolor because they provide a huuuugeeee range of circle lenses, as well as some eyelashes and cosmetics and other cute things!
They are very reasonable priced, and they always have little deals that are going on which is great! :D
Here's pictures of what i got

I am not sponsered by Honeycolor, i just love their site, <3
And think everyone should check them out!!! :D
Well that is all... THANKSUUU GUYS !
Updates later :)
Hey guys!
So the Sephora shopping trip that i had been dying to go on had finally arrived and i got everything that i wanted/needed! <3
Let'me just say that the Makeup Forever HD Foundation, as well as the brand Tarte is my two favourite things right now<3

The two main things that i had gone there to get were; Makeup Forever HD Foundation, and the Too-Faced Naked Eye Palette.
I got them which is awesome :D But i of course got some other stuff too.
Definitely expect some reviews soon!

It's not letting me upload pictures right now. But when it does i'll definitely update <3
Heyhey everyone :3
So i'm very very happy! I had finally finished my CardCaptor Sakura wand! It looks so kickass and i am so freaking happy with myself. It definitely shows that you can do anything if you set your mind to it, and that's exactly what i did and it turned out twice as better than i expected!!
So i've been completely torn between the cosplays that i want to do this year. I decided on the cosplay that i'm definitely doing for the Toronto Cosplay Picnic ! I've decided to do Stocking from Panty And Stocking With Gartnerbelt. Gosh i love her <3 Her outfit is so freaking awesome, and she totally kicks ass! c:
I told my mom and she said that her outfit will be pretty easy so that's good, i'm not sure whether i want to do her sword, not sure. Still deciding on that but yeah (:
Another good thing is the fact that my boots came in today! Cheers ! ^_^ I was so happy when i saw the package, i swear i jumped for joy hehe. They are pretty good too, good thing though since i paid 70+$ for them, they better be good quality! >: ....
They are comfortable to wear, and their very snug which i like!

One thing that i definitely need is contacts for my cosplay. I will not be able to see if i do not have contacts on so i'm going to try to go and get the cheapest daily contacts tomorrow or some day. I'm not sure exactly how daily contacts work and whether i'll be able to just walk in and walk out with them, I hope so!!!
Fingers Crossed ! <3
I definitely cannot wait to go to the mall to go shopping for some cosmetics, i love Sephora and their products and now i'll be able to try out many cosmetics ! :3 I'm definitely will stop into MAC and pick up some stuff as well :3 .. Imma treat myself, teeheeheee.

But that's it for now!
Austa La Vista ! <3<3<3<3
Heyhey everyone! :D
I hope everyone is good, ^_^
My dad is in Las Vegas this week, so i stopped by my dads house to pick up some stuff for the week since i'm staying at my mothers house, and guess what i noticed had come that automatically made me extremely happy?
MY CARDCAPTOR SAKURA WIG! c: I am so freaking happy, i had tried it on just to see how it was. It was amazing! The quality is very nice, there aren't really any revealing spots, it's all covered up. There is so much freaking hair on this wig it's ridiculous! And it fit this time! My first wig for my Minimoon cosplay did not fit which really sucked cause the whole time at the convention i was readjusting it on my head nonstop which was a pain in the rear!

I had left it at my dads, so i cannot show you guys, but expect some pictures, soon ^_^
I had bought the wig from the following ebay seller
I really recommend you guys check them out if your going to get some cosplay wigs because they seriously are amazing quality, and very cheap!

Another thing that i am very happy about is the fact that i am practically finished my CCS wand! I just have to hotglue the parts to the dowel, aswell as add some gold detailing and i'll be done!
I've worked on this all weekend and i'm very happy with how it's working out so my fingers are crossed! :D

My mom agreed to take me to the mall to pick up some makeup. I was orginally going to go to walmart and just pick up some cheap ones.
But i decided to pick Sephora.
I really want to try out their Makeup Forever HD foundation, aswell as the Too-Faced Natural palette, also some other stuff too but i won't babble bout those hehe.

Outside my moms house she has the prettiest tree! And i seriously just love it! I'm seriously considering getting all dressed up when i receive my outfit and getting my brother to take some pictures ^_^
I think that'd be bunches of fun, especially since it is such a pretty tree! Am i right? I think so!
And the last thing i want to talk about is the Bambi Princess Mimi circle lenses. I'm definitely going to buy some atm, since there is a sale going on a website for them!
I'll talk my mom into it, hehe. :)
Plus i have a coupon code for a website to get 10% off, and the coupon code expires tonight, so might as well take advantage of that deal

Heyhey guys! :D
So i got my new glasses, and let me just say i absolutely love them! They are awesome, and very stylish... I feel that they suit me much better than my other glasses!!
I also got my braces off which is very exciting for me because i truly could not remember myself when i didn't have braces so it's great to see straight and nice teeth! ^_^
So there's a picture of me, yesterday. :P With my new glasses, plus no braces! Jeez i'm so happy hehe. I feel the outcome of my teeth are outrageous, and i didn't even have to wear them very long it was actually very short time that i had to wear them. Only 14 months i think.

So i kind of have a bit of obsession with Juicy Couture, and i'm so happy that i was able to find some great and stylish glasses that i was very happy with!
I think they are very cool looking, and i am Juicy Couture obsessed so now i even have glasses to feed that obsession.

I also got some L.A. Colours makeup. Mostly only palettes though, and let'me say their makeup is gorgeous. Is is VERY pigmented and very shimmery if you like shimmers which i do. I've been using one of the palettes for my everyday makeup everyday, hehe :P
Jeez, The weather this month has been very crappy, it mostly has been raining every freaking day! It's insane, bahaha.
I mean i love rain, but it gets a bit sickening after awhile, i mean i want sunshine, thank god it was sunny today. As well as warm so, short weather! But i only got out when me and my dad went to go get some pie, yummy pie! We were watching Two And A Half Men and Jake had ate some pie which had sparked our wanting for some pie! It's cooking in the oven as we speak now! ^^;
I really am scared that my cosplay for the anime convention i am going to will not arrive in time. :/ I mean even after i had ordered the cosplay, nowhere on the site had they said how long it took to get here until after you ordered and get the email. Which is kind of maddening, let's just keep our fingers crossed, yes?
Well austa la vista , BABEH!
Heyhey guys! Sorry i haven't posted much. I've been very very very torn between two sites, Blogspot & Weebly.
I am not sure which i want to use for my blogging/personal use. It really sucks because they both have really great features, but i truly am not sure which i want to use because it's better to decide before you get along down the road and you don't want to use that host anymore.
But i still am testing out the two sites and deciding which i like. (:

I found the site 'Cosplay.com' long time ago back in August of 2010, and i've had an account since than but haven't really used it till now. It's a great community for Cosplayers, Anime/Manga lovers, and just anything along the lines of those. I am so happy i found this forum because now i will be able to meet others with the same interests as me and that's why i've always been looking for since most of my friends irl do not have similar interests to me, which i mean i'm fine with but it would be nice to meet some people with similar interests. && Here i can! The people are so freaking friendly, which is absolutely a plus, i mean who doesn't love friendly people? They are really nice, and just yay!

There are way more people in my area than i expected on the site which is freaking awesome cause now i can talk with them and possibly we could meet up to do cosplay photoshoots and stuff, it'd just be a total party hehe!

I've been having major skin issues the past year, i've been having constant breakouts and my skin just isn't looking healthy at all! One thing that i've been really desperate to do but haven't really had the energy to go out and buy is an Exfoliater, I found MichellePhan's youtube video of her homemade exfoliater and literally died, because it is sooo easy to make and so cheap! It works amazingly, my skin felt so smooth that i did not even have to apply moisturizer!

Heya everyone, so today i went to get my package from the mailbox which had what i had ordered from Liliesshop.net.
I was pretty pleased with how the shipping went, i mean it arrived in a week exactly it was packaged nicely. I am just happy overall. :D What was absolutely awesome was i got samples of some products that i had been wanting to try out! Score! :D
I really hope that the products work, because if they do not that would be 120$ down the drain... but i believe that they will since they had worked for many other people! I haven't heard anything bad about the Lioele A.C. line so i believe that it will work, which i am super duper happy about (:
So for Easter, i had gotten two big chocolate thingies, one of them being Thor, in which he was the only one i had opened. I wanna keep my Hello Kitty one... ^////^ How weird was the fact that the only part of the chocolate left happened to be Thor's head.. hehehe well i thought it was funny :P

In English we are currently reading the book, 'A Thousand Splendid Suns' ... At first i did not really find this an interesting book, but now that i am getting more into the book i have noticed that the book is pretty interesting. In class today, i had read chapter 4-9... Pretty proud :3
I have no clue if it is just me, but it appears to me that my shelf as you see is kind of leaning down. O_O I'm scared that while i will be sleeping it will fall ontop of me, because my bed is right below. I hope not T_T That would hurt ALOT.

Well bye for now! Think that's all, :P
Hey guys :D So since it happens to be the 10th anniversary of the anime Yu-Gi-Oh! i've been completely obsessed, i mean i've always loved Yu-Gi-Oh but i'm so happy that the original is now back on television because i like watching things on television instead of on the computer... But right now as i am typing up this blog i happen to be watching it on my laptop, since i totally need to refresh my memory of Yu-Gi-Oh... i've missed almost all of the two first seasons ;~;

Even though Easter is already over, i'm seriously craving some Turkey && some Bread stuffing. I'm craving it badly too, everyday it just completely fills my head.... WAAAAAAHHH ;n; ... It was soo good this year at my fathers house too, which completely sucks cause it doesn't help my cravings. Omg i am just so damn hungry, T__________T I need some more turkey ... Maaaaa...


I also want to let everyone know that the site, Prettyandcute.com is holding a mothers days sort of deal! They have a coupon code, in which you can use to get 15% off any purchase of ; Lioele, Skin79, Skinfood, Joycos, & Pretty&Cute products!
Which may come in very good handy, because some of these products can get pretty expensive, so i mean 15% isn't that much off, but at least it's something right? :3
The one disadvantage i find about Pretty&Cute is their shipping, i was considering getting some stuff... But than i realized their shipping, and i think i had a stroke... ;~;
So i think i might hold off from ordering from Pretty&Cute until i get a job... T___T ...
I also just made my site a banner, so now people can advertise my blog/website! :D And i will advertise others aswell! :D
I really hope that one day, my website/blog will be more popular one day, so i will be able to get some sponsors and even some more friends and other things! :D
You will be able to find this in the sidebar beside :3

Well that's my update for today, i don't really have anything else to talk about c: ... I've been blogging everyday, YAY YAY YAY ! :D
Here are some fashions for spring that i seriously am loving!
One designer/fashion line i'm seriously loving is Liz Lisa, the stuff is just so trendy and just plain adorable!


I personally think that it is kind of mandatory for a girl to have a sort of blouse top for their closet! I mean you can kind of pair it with many things, it's a great thing to have to put underneath things and i just love them! This one i like a lot since it has nice cute details on it!

Get < that shirt here

I really think that this is one of the cutest sweater tops I've seen! I mean this thing is one of the cutest things I've seen! I love how it folds over and has a very adorable bow on it, i like how it is a bit of a sweater looking top.

Get < that shirt here

This is a really cute top! I like how it's a very flowy top, it's just so damn adorable, the whole look of the top is just simply cute to be honest. The sleeves are just very creative and too cute!

Get < that shirt here

I feel that is one of the cutest tops I've seen! Florals are just so adorable, and they really make the. I just feel that this is an absolutely adorable top, it would look so cute over a nice little skirt ! <3

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