Miki Shake
Hey guys! :)
Today i had my orientation at McDonalds!
My first sort of payday{Yes you get paid for doing orientation at McDonalds, which is AWESOME!}

It wasn't so bad, people say its boring but i found that time passed very fast!
And it was educational of course, LOL. ^_^

I'm happy because he told me i'm working front, and i didn't really want to do kitchen or drive thru so yay :D ! <3
Don't really have anything else to say other than i start training/first day of work next wednesday!
:D so excited, gonna start making monies ! hehe
Hey there everyone! :)
So i'm finally done with summer school! Finally! ^_^
Sooo happy i'm done hahaha. Now my summer has finally begun, and i am going to my cottage for a week starting july 22nd!
It's going to be so much fun and i definitely cannot wait to go! :)
I'll definitely bring my cosplays so i'll have a chance to get some nice photos... ^^;
Anyways.. Onto the good stuff!
I went to Pacific Mall on friday with my friends, it was soo much fun!
It was my first time there and it was very fun and i had a great time! :)
I went after i finished my exam for summer school, and i met my friend at the subway than we than took the bus to Pacific Mall in Markham.
If you don't know what Pacific Mall is, it's mostly a reeeallyyyy big asian mall, so they have clothing stores, beauty stores, video stores, yummy food, etc, etc, etc!
I got a dress and a reallyyy pretty shirt, as well as a contact lenses case which is very pretty as well :)
After Pacific Mall, me and my friends went to a Korean BBQ place which it was also my first time at one of those places and must i say it was definitely VERY delicious.
We got to grill our own food which was very interesting since i had never done something like that before, and i had so much fun!
And the food was great so that was very fulfilling!
I than got home at 2am in the morning... GREAT DAY :)
That next day i had to wake up early in the morning to attend a Cosplay Festival in my area.
It was very small, more of like a picnic, but i had a blast!
I got to do a photoshoot with some people, i was very shy though...
I really need to open up more, when i'm taking photos with my mom i'm very energetic but i was more stiff this time around.. Which was depressing cause they could have been very nice </3 D:
But they still turned out good :)

I of course wore my Angel Stocking outfit.
I love this outfit sooo freaking much! :) I think it is very beautiful and well made, <3
I got it from cocosilver, if you are interested. (:
I'll do reviews on the outfits and cosplay stuff i got as soon as possible! :)

Well i'm going to head to bed!
Night everyone! :)
I'll promise to update more!!!
Heya everyone!
Sorry it's been so long since i updated, i've been busy with school and stuff.
Good side i've been doing great in school, bad side i'm sick and had to miss today :C...

Friday July 8th was my birthday!
I had soo much fun! ^_^ Also another good thing, my cosplays came in<3
My stocking dress, night class uniform as well as my serah farron outfit.
I'm superduper happy, i'm just waiting on my boots and my wigs , stupid canada post >:C

On my birthday i was hanging out at my friends, and i swear she got me sick which really sucks because i have summer school
And missing a day is like missing 3 weeks of regular school year ;~;
I'll try to beg my teacher to let me stay after school tomorrow to catch up.. Siiighhh...~

For my birthday, i got my cosplays, but my friends also got my Yotsuba manga volume 1!
It is so flipping cute, i love it ~ <3
And of course from my family i got my lovely cosplays ~ <3
Which i love very much, hehe. Great birthday pressie :D

I'm also very happy because someone wants to buy my Chibiusa cosplay wig which i am really happy to get rid of.
Due to the fact i do not wear it anymore, so it's just sitting here collecting dust, lol.

I went on a cosplay walk with my friends on saturday july 9th.
It was alotta fun! I wore my sakura kitty outfit ^_^
It was boiling hot, but i didn't want to wear my miku so i was kinda stuck with it since i had no wigs or shoes for the others lol.
It was a small group, but it was still fun to meet everyone <3

That night, i went to 401 games i believe in toronto and got the Egyptian God Cards which is pretty awesome.

I went out for a 'late birthday' dinner with my mom tonight!
It was so much fun, she took me to future shop after and bought me FF XIII for Xbox 360 since our PS3 is broke ;/.
And i also got a Sanrio 50th anniversary book, which is pretty cute (:

I think that's really all i gotta say,
I'll talk to you guys a bit later!
Byyeee! :D
Heyhey guys! :D
So i got my new glasses, and let me just say i absolutely love them! They are awesome, and very stylish... I feel that they suit me much better than my other glasses!!
I also got my braces off which is very exciting for me because i truly could not remember myself when i didn't have braces so it's great to see straight and nice teeth! ^_^
So there's a picture of me, yesterday. :P With my new glasses, plus no braces! Jeez i'm so happy hehe. I feel the outcome of my teeth are outrageous, and i didn't even have to wear them very long it was actually very short time that i had to wear them. Only 14 months i think.

So i kind of have a bit of obsession with Juicy Couture, and i'm so happy that i was able to find some great and stylish glasses that i was very happy with!
I think they are very cool looking, and i am Juicy Couture obsessed so now i even have glasses to feed that obsession.

I also got some L.A. Colours makeup. Mostly only palettes though, and let'me say their makeup is gorgeous. Is is VERY pigmented and very shimmery if you like shimmers which i do. I've been using one of the palettes for my everyday makeup everyday, hehe :P
Jeez, The weather this month has been very crappy, it mostly has been raining every freaking day! It's insane, bahaha.
I mean i love rain, but it gets a bit sickening after awhile, i mean i want sunshine, thank god it was sunny today. As well as warm so, short weather! But i only got out when me and my dad went to go get some pie, yummy pie! We were watching Two And A Half Men and Jake had ate some pie which had sparked our wanting for some pie! It's cooking in the oven as we speak now! ^^;
I really am scared that my cosplay for the anime convention i am going to will not arrive in time. :/ I mean even after i had ordered the cosplay, nowhere on the site had they said how long it took to get here until after you ordered and get the email. Which is kind of maddening, let's just keep our fingers crossed, yes?
Well austa la vista , BABEH!
Hey guys :D So since it happens to be the 10th anniversary of the anime Yu-Gi-Oh! i've been completely obsessed, i mean i've always loved Yu-Gi-Oh but i'm so happy that the original is now back on television because i like watching things on television instead of on the computer... But right now as i am typing up this blog i happen to be watching it on my laptop, since i totally need to refresh my memory of Yu-Gi-Oh... i've missed almost all of the two first seasons ;~;

Even though Easter is already over, i'm seriously craving some Turkey && some Bread stuffing. I'm craving it badly too, everyday it just completely fills my head.... WAAAAAAHHH ;n; ... It was soo good this year at my fathers house too, which completely sucks cause it doesn't help my cravings. Omg i am just so damn hungry, T__________T I need some more turkey ... Maaaaa...


I also want to let everyone know that the site, Prettyandcute.com is holding a mothers days sort of deal! They have a coupon code, in which you can use to get 15% off any purchase of ; Lioele, Skin79, Skinfood, Joycos, & Pretty&Cute products!
Which may come in very good handy, because some of these products can get pretty expensive, so i mean 15% isn't that much off, but at least it's something right? :3
The one disadvantage i find about Pretty&Cute is their shipping, i was considering getting some stuff... But than i realized their shipping, and i think i had a stroke... ;~;
So i think i might hold off from ordering from Pretty&Cute until i get a job... T___T ...
I also just made my site a banner, so now people can advertise my blog/website! :D And i will advertise others aswell! :D
I really hope that one day, my website/blog will be more popular one day, so i will be able to get some sponsors and even some more friends and other things! :D
You will be able to find this in the sidebar beside :3

Well that's my update for today, i don't really have anything else to talk about c: ... I've been blogging everyday, YAY YAY YAY ! :D