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Hey guys! :)
Today i had my orientation at McDonalds!
My first sort of payday{Yes you get paid for doing orientation at McDonalds, which is AWESOME!}

It wasn't so bad, people say its boring but i found that time passed very fast!
And it was educational of course, LOL. ^_^

I'm happy because he told me i'm working front, and i didn't really want to do kitchen or drive thru so yay :D ! <3
Don't really have anything else to say other than i start training/first day of work next wednesday!
:D so excited, gonna start making monies ! hehe
Hey guys!
I hope everyone is well <3
I've been completely swarmed with homework for school. Siiigh.... :/
I have 2 projects in religion, 1 in art, and 1 in challenge and change =n=
I promised myself i would do good in school this year though so i have to do them and get good... <3
Trusting in myself, completely!!!
So if you guys have been paying attention to my blog posts, you would see that i mentioned about my last cosplays of '11!
My dad bought me my 2 wigs that i needed for these cosplays, My Usagi{Sailor Moon} & Sheryl Nome{Macross Frontier - Diamond Crevasse} wigs! :D
I'm superduper excited and cannot wait till they arrive!
I really hope that they turn out like i want them too! D: I really hope that the Usagi wig covers my hair, and we also ordered some skin colour wig caps so i trust in those as well! :D


So i have been trying to get a job since grade 9...
And i think my work finally paid off, i am in grade 12 now, and i have an interview with Mcdonalds on Monday September 26th!!!
I am so freaking excited, i've been dying for a job and i actually wanted a job at McDonalds{Don't make fun :P}
At least it's a job ! And i mean i hope i get it!!! I'm so scared for the interview i hope i say the right things and get the job!!
I has faith in myself and i hope you guys too, i need all the faith i can get ! :D

I also am in the process of losing weight.
I am not happy with my current weight and i am determined to change that. :/
After this weekend i will start counting calories, and stuff. >n<....
But i think loosing weight is much healthier for my health and so yeah. Plus i miss my old body :/
I also finished the first volume of Sailor Moon manga!
It was sooo good >w<
I am now working on finishing Codename Sailor V volume 1 :P

I really think that's all for now, tata guys ~ <3
Heyhey guys :D
I have superduper exciting news today !!!
...To find out why, click the read more

Heyhey (:
Sooo i think i have decided on my halloween costume :)!
I usually don't dress up or go out really, i mean a party here and there but yeah.
This year i kinda wanna hang out with my friends baby sister. ^_^
Sooo, you're probably waiting for me to tell you what i have decided to cosplay... Hmhmhmhms
......You are just going to have to read on :)

Hey everyone! :D
So i hope everyone is well!!

I recently started playing a game called Virtual Family Kingdom{VFK}.
It's mostly like Virtual Magic Kingdom{VMK}, which i used to play when i was in elementry.
It was made by Disney but it closed because it was only suppose to be a promotion thing and they had it opened way long because it was so popular.
They closed it like 3-4 years later because of not wanting to make people pay so they decided to close it because if they had kept it open longer people would have had to start paying.

VFK came out shortly after VMK closed. It's kinda of a replica of the VMK :/
But oh well, at least it's KIND OF the same experience{Though VMK was 10x's better!!!!}
{That's my character}
It's a fun game ... for kids and i guess adults.
I like playing it cause they be so cute ~ <3
Check out Virtual Family Kingdom Here
Hey everyone! :)
I hope you all are good! I'm doing good, Schools been incredibly busy is why i haven't updated much :(
But i'm currently working on a new layout for mikishake, and i think it'll be amazing!
I'm also purchasing the domain later this month so expect the .weebly.com to disappear!!! (:

Here is a WIP of what i'm currently working on (:

I'm really excited because it's really looking good so i'm hoping it will turn out how i want it too<3

And most importantly i want you guys to love it as well!!! :D

I know i've been promising reviews of my circle lenses for awhile now, but i haven't really had the time.
I promise soon i will have them up! :)

I still have to decide on the last of my cosplays for '11
D: Golly so indecisive D:
I'm thinking Sheryl Nome for D-Tac :D

Well that's really all for now, i'll update later!
Bye guys!!! <3
Hey there everyone! :)
I hope everyone is good!
Todays i am going to do a movie Review!
I recently watched the Disney movie 'Tangled'.
It's basically Disney's version of Rapunzel!
I have never read the original fairy tale 'Rapunzel' but everyone has been talking about it and such so i decided to finally watch it!
I had high hopes for the movie and those were definitely reached, going into the movie i was on my laptop, but as the movie went on, i closed my laptop and paid attention.
It's an incredibly adorable movie, i love the way they portrayed Rapunzel, i like how she's kind of shy and princess-y but she also has some guts and wants to do something about the situation that she is stuck in!
I like the way that Disney is doing the princess movies now, because they are doing an amazing job at not just having them very powerless and having the men and such do it all! They are actually fighting for themselves and i believe that it truly showed in Rapunzel!

I think the choice of the voice actors was amazing, i loved how Mandy Moore was Rapunzel, i haven't seen anything of her in it for awhile and i love her role in this!
I think the outfits were fabulous, i love Rapunzel's dresses, especially her dress throughout the whole movie, i love the whole story line, i love her little green animal that she has. I just love the whole movie and i think Disney did an amazing job on the movie and i am very happy with the outcome of Rapunzel.
I love the movie as a whole and it definitely has become one of my favourite movies, a movie that i could watch over and over again.
I actually had gone to the Disney store to buy one of the dolls, and i was debating on buying the tiara but i didn't, kinda upset with myself that i didn't D: ... And they were sold out of the dolls so i'm sad but oh well, life goes on!

So overall i think the movie is fabulous!
I give it a 8.5/10, And it's definitely a movie i am going to purchase and watch again ... and again!
Hey everyone! :)
So me and my best friend, Mat decided to go downtown today.
So while we were down there i remembered about Hottopic and how they have Sailor Moon t-shirts.
I got really excited and had to go in!
I'm really happy cause i got them, i'm kinda upset cause they didn't have the t-shirt with Sailor Moon on it in medium so i had to get an x-large .. D:
I'm really happy i got them cause i love Sailor Moon <3
Im sad they didn't have any shirts with the outer scouts but oh well :/
Happy with what i got <3
Talk to you all laters!
HeyHey everyone (:
I hope everyone is doing okay ~ <3

I think i've decided that for AnimeNorth i want to do Sailor Saturn...
I mean i would feel funny doing Sailor Neptune without a Uranus >n<
And i want to be able to already know them so i wouldn't just hang out for a photoshoot it would be the whole time D:
Plus my friends going as Sailor Pluto and Sailor Saturn are very similar SO >w<

My friend, Lauren, is going away to Vancouver back to university since she goes to university there.
I am very sad that she is leaving, so since she is leaving me and my other friends have decided that we all are going to go to Pmall {Pacific Mall}...I think that it will be much fun since we love that place and it will be a nice way to say goodbye <3
Well that's all, so have fun everyone! :)
Tata for now <3
Hey there everyone! :)
New website layout if you didn't notice ^_^
But anyways onto the good stuff.....
I hope everyone is having an awesome weekend! I had an amazing one!
You might be wondering why..! Because FanEXPO 2011 was this weekend!!!!
I have been excited for a whole year! Since the last Fanexpo!
And it finally came and i had an amazing weekend!
I met so many people, got photos, hung out with friends, etc!
Everyone loved my cosplays, and i was really thrilled that people did like them! C:
I've already found many photos of myself and other people!!
I'm as well very thrilled because my HoneyColour order came in while i was out at my friends in Toronto for the weekend, for FanEXPO of course!
So when i got home i was welcomed to a very happy surprise! :3
I really love buying circle lenses from Honeycolor because they provide a huuuugeeee range of circle lenses, as well as some eyelashes and cosmetics and other cute things!
They are very reasonable priced, and they always have little deals that are going on which is great! :D
Here's pictures of what i got

I am not sponsered by Honeycolor, i just love their site, <3
And think everyone should check them out!!! :D
Well that is all... THANKSUUU GUYS !
Updates later :)