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Hey guys (:
I hope you all are goodygood lately! ^_^
I'm currently watching some Criminal Minds, i used to love this show! I haven't watched them in awhile though, but there's some sort of marathon on right now, SO YAY! :D

'm very happy because i found an old camera we have, well video camera...
It works pretty well, the battery is really bad though :/
Ignore my dumbo face, roflroflrofl.
Here are photos of my Serah Farron accessories that i did not feature in my tutorial in the last post.
I finally got home to my fathers and got ahold of plyers and attached them together ^_^
I'm happy because i think they look pretty good considering i'm terrible at making props.
I also recently bought the GEO Princess Mimi Green Apple contacts that Tsubasa Masuwaka can be seen sporting.
I'm very excited for when they get here, i also bought No.1 & No.2 of the Dolly Wink lashes, and also the crystal eyeshadow thing!
So expect reviews on those soon, as well as reviews on the other ones i own currently  :D
Some of the props i still need to finish for FE are :
  • Kero Backpack
  • Serah's leg/arm accessories
  • Stripes{Stockings sword}
I think that's all :D

I'll talk to you guys later!
Baibai ~ <3

Hi everyone!
Sorry i've been lacking ... AGAIN , with the blog posts D:
I've been busyish.. and lazy rofl. (:
I've been good though ! I'm superduper excited because fanexpo is like right around the corner!
It's less than a week away, i am super duper excited!!!
I can't wait to cosplay all these cosplays and meet people and gaaah i'm so sooo excited rofl!
I'll be sure to take MANY MANY MANY photos! :)
So i ordered circle lenses from honeycolor awhile back, and they arrived yesterday!
I'm so happy, i wore the blue yesterday and the brown today.
They are super comfy and i love the effect it gives my eyes! ~

I got the Candy King in blue, and the GEO Princess Mimi in brown :)
So expect reviews soon!
I'll show some pictures below ~


I also went to Chapters and decided to pick up some manga ~
I choose Pandora Hearts, and Fairy Navigator Runa
I have heard my friend talk about Pandora Hearts, so i decided to check it out.
Chapters has a very low selection on manga which is very upsetting D:
But there are places in my town that have like a bigger manga selection{Comic book stores}
Maybe i'll check those out!

Well i think that's all for now, ~
The cosplays i'll be doing for fanexpo are the following:
Thursday: Serah Farron - Final Fantasy 13
Friday: Yuuki Kuran - Vampire Knight
Saturday: Stocking - Panty And Stocking With Gartnerbelt
Sunday: Tomoyo Daidouji - CardCaptor Sakura

, So if you're going make sure to stop me if you see me!!
Hey there everyone! :)
So i'm finally done with summer school! Finally! ^_^
Sooo happy i'm done hahaha. Now my summer has finally begun, and i am going to my cottage for a week starting july 22nd!
It's going to be so much fun and i definitely cannot wait to go! :)
I'll definitely bring my cosplays so i'll have a chance to get some nice photos... ^^;
Anyways.. Onto the good stuff!
I went to Pacific Mall on friday with my friends, it was soo much fun!
It was my first time there and it was very fun and i had a great time! :)
I went after i finished my exam for summer school, and i met my friend at the subway than we than took the bus to Pacific Mall in Markham.
If you don't know what Pacific Mall is, it's mostly a reeeallyyyy big asian mall, so they have clothing stores, beauty stores, video stores, yummy food, etc, etc, etc!
I got a dress and a reallyyy pretty shirt, as well as a contact lenses case which is very pretty as well :)
After Pacific Mall, me and my friends went to a Korean BBQ place which it was also my first time at one of those places and must i say it was definitely VERY delicious.
We got to grill our own food which was very interesting since i had never done something like that before, and i had so much fun!
And the food was great so that was very fulfilling!
I than got home at 2am in the morning... GREAT DAY :)
That next day i had to wake up early in the morning to attend a Cosplay Festival in my area.
It was very small, more of like a picnic, but i had a blast!
I got to do a photoshoot with some people, i was very shy though...
I really need to open up more, when i'm taking photos with my mom i'm very energetic but i was more stiff this time around.. Which was depressing cause they could have been very nice </3 D:
But they still turned out good :)

I of course wore my Angel Stocking outfit.
I love this outfit sooo freaking much! :) I think it is very beautiful and well made, <3
I got it from cocosilver, if you are interested. (:
I'll do reviews on the outfits and cosplay stuff i got as soon as possible! :)

Well i'm going to head to bed!
Night everyone! :)
I'll promise to update more!!!
HeyHey everyone!
I'm so happy to say that i officially just bought my deluxe pass for FanExpo Canada 2011!!
I will be attending all four days, i will be sporting cosplays like
  1. Yuki Kuran - Vampire Knight
  2. Angel Stocking - Panty & Stocking With Gartnerbelt
  3. Serah Farron - Final Fantasy
  4. Sakura Kinomoto - CardCaptor Sakura
So definitely keep an eye out for me :D

I'm currently watching Totally Spies : The Movie. Very childish but there isn't really anything good on during the day on a weekday xDD..
Plus Totally Spies rocks, so yeah! :3

I'm sooo soooo sooooo happy because i was able to get the Tsubasa ReserVOIR Chronicles art book!

It has so many great illustrations, and they all are so freaking pretty! ^^

It was on sale too, since the store was having a sale, so yayayayay!!!

I am so freaking hungry!
I could totally kill for some Boston Pizza, yumsyums!!

As you might know, i live in Canada!

And it is currently Canada's birthday, i am not too sure what i will be doing just yet, but i hope i can end up doing something fun haha.

I was thinking of going to a picnic downtown with fireworks, but i've been downtown three times in the past week, it gets pretty pricey @____@

Well that's all!
Bye everyone! :)
And all you Canadians, enjoy your Canada day weekend! ^_^
Heyhey everyone! :D
Superduper happy! My dress had come...! It came last wednesday but i was a bit busy to make a post :c
I am very happy with how it turned out and the quality since people had said that the site stole pictures from others but it looked exactly like the photo.
So i'm very happy (:
Definitely will be doing a review, on the website hehe.
Here's some photos. ^_^
I am still very sad that i was not able to wear it to AnimeNorth... But i'll live T_T
It definitely would have made the experience 10x's better! But eh...Whateves. >.<

I'm so happy cause i am getting 175$ from helping my dad sell these tires he's been trying to sell for a year, wootwooot!
Going on a bit of a clothing shopping spree, hehe, (:
Think that's all, talk to you guys later!
Hey hey everyone. (:
Superduper excited! My dress has left the Vancouver customs on the 29th of May!
It's almost here! :3
Which i'm superduper excited cause i can get my brother to capture a video/montage of me ! ~
It will def be pretty sick, as well as a photoshoot... i hopes ^^;

Hey guys!
So i've decided to sell some books that i do not read anymore :3
They all are in very good condition unless stated otherwise.
This does not include shipping, shipping will be calculated after location has been provided. (:
Post a comment if you are interested ! :D

Twilight Series, Hardcover, Excellent condition!

House Of Night, Paperback, Good condition!

Gossip Girl, Paperback, Good condition!

Sisterhood Of Travelling Pants, Paperback, Semi-Good Condition!

So i just got back from AnimeNorth, it was great!
Tehere was room to breathe, and walk :3
Which was great, cause FanEXPO lacked that which is the worst thing that could possibly happen at a con.
I got much of stuff! Which i'm superduper excited about ^_^;
I love absolutely everything that i got , in which i am very thankful <3
And now for some of the pictures i took :)
Ohyeah. And i'll be selling my MiniMoon cosplay dress. Worn twice. :3
Wig included.
I'm looking for around 80-90$
More info i

Hey guys!
So the Sephora shopping trip that i had been dying to go on had finally arrived and i got everything that i wanted/needed! <3
Let'me just say that the Makeup Forever HD Foundation, as well as the brand Tarte is my two favourite things right now<3

The two main things that i had gone there to get were; Makeup Forever HD Foundation, and the Too-Faced Naked Eye Palette.
I got them which is awesome :D But i of course got some other stuff too.
Definitely expect some reviews soon!

It's not letting me upload pictures right now. But when it does i'll definitely update <3
Hey there everyone.
I'm so upset it's wah. I really was hoping that i would be able to dress up for AnimeNorth , but i do not think i will be able to which really sucks because i was super duper excited.
It really should have been here by now since they had said that it takes 3-4 weeks to get here and we had ordered in on the 3rd of May, but whatever what can you do eh?
I'm just praying that it just MIGHT end up showing on friday, but it most likely won't. But i can only hope right now, right? Yep yep!

But good news is i've decided my cons/cosplay list for this year. Gosh it will be alot of work since all of these cons will be during the summer and it's already May 25th, lol.

Cosplay Picnic 2011 ;
Saturday - Stocking

ConBravo 2011 ;
Saturday - CardCaptor Sakura

Fan Expo 2011 ;
Thursday - Vanille
Friday - Marisa Kirisame
Saturday - Stocking
Sunday - Serah Farron

That being that i have a list of what i have to finish and such, going to make my own page for this. :3 Just so i can track my progress as well as post my progress, (:
I know it's kind of stupid but i'm seriously happy to go to Sephora tomorrow, i've been longing to get some good makeup and this will give me the advantage to do that. As well as pick up ,my pre registered badges so me and my brother can beat the lines on Saturday, i'm a smart cookie :P:P
Thank god my mom gets off at 5 so it is possible to do both (:
Watching some American Idol, i really hope that Scotty wins just cause i hate Lauren.. LOL.
We'll see though ! <3