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Hey there everyone!
I have a review for you guys today, this time it's on a Korean acne skin facial line.
I have suffered from acne in the past, not so bad, but constant small breakouts and such.
I have tried alot of products, including ProActiv, Netrugena, Clean & Clear, and other high end products.
Nothing had really worked, i had read up on asian skin products and had read that they work well, because i mean most asians have very nice skin!!
I found this one product, Lioele.
They had a line especially for acne, and i thought why not just give it a try?
Before hand though i had researched and found good results and such of people talking about the products.
Which drove me to try out Lioele!
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Hey there everyone! :)
I hope everyone is good!
Todays i am going to do a movie Review!
I recently watched the Disney movie 'Tangled'.
It's basically Disney's version of Rapunzel!
I have never read the original fairy tale 'Rapunzel' but everyone has been talking about it and such so i decided to finally watch it!
I had high hopes for the movie and those were definitely reached, going into the movie i was on my laptop, but as the movie went on, i closed my laptop and paid attention.
It's an incredibly adorable movie, i love the way they portrayed Rapunzel, i like how she's kind of shy and princess-y but she also has some guts and wants to do something about the situation that she is stuck in!
I like the way that Disney is doing the princess movies now, because they are doing an amazing job at not just having them very powerless and having the men and such do it all! They are actually fighting for themselves and i believe that it truly showed in Rapunzel!

I think the choice of the voice actors was amazing, i loved how Mandy Moore was Rapunzel, i haven't seen anything of her in it for awhile and i love her role in this!
I think the outfits were fabulous, i love Rapunzel's dresses, especially her dress throughout the whole movie, i love the whole story line, i love her little green animal that she has. I just love the whole movie and i think Disney did an amazing job on the movie and i am very happy with the outcome of Rapunzel.
I love the movie as a whole and it definitely has become one of my favourite movies, a movie that i could watch over and over again.
I actually had gone to the Disney store to buy one of the dolls, and i was debating on buying the tiara but i didn't, kinda upset with myself that i didn't D: ... And they were sold out of the dolls so i'm sad but oh well, life goes on!

So overall i think the movie is fabulous!
I give it a 8.5/10, And it's definitely a movie i am going to purchase and watch again ... and again!
Hey there everyone! :)
I hope everyone is having a joy filled summer! .. If you are on summer that is.. LOL.


This week has kind of gotten exciting while i'm waiting to leave for the cottage,
Because there is a Spongebob Marathon on nick!
It is sooo awesome cause it's 24/7 !!
And every spongebob episode EVER! :D


I also decided since i got 3 cosplay outfits from Cocosilver, i would do a review every day.
So i'll even it out.
Today i'll be doing a review on the Night Class uniform, which i will link here.

The outfit in all is VERY excellent quality, i mean amazing quality.
It's very shocking too! It isn't shiny or anything, it actually feels like a real uniform.
The whole self of the cosplay is very neat, nothing is uneven or looks out of place it all is in very good shape!

The ribbon that came with it is very long, which i guess could be good because you can decide how long and big you want the bow to be, (:

I really love the jacket because it looks very good and it fits like a glove!

Hey guys! So i am here to bring you a review for the site Cosplayhouse.com , and a cosplay that i had purchased from them. That cosplay being, my CardCaptor Sakura Kitty dress, yepyep.
So my first impressions i thought the cosplay looked absolutely amazing, but after i had bought it wi was a bit uneasy if it would arrive in time. I had than started to read reviews on the internet and such about the website and alot of people had been posting very negative things about the website so i started to get a bit annoyed. >.<
I had ordered it at the beginning of the month, and they said that it takes 3-4 business weeks to get here, so i was all "Great it'll show up in time." ... Turns out it didn't, it showed up the wednesday after the con, annoyed i was.
Their customer service is kind of crappy, i mean yeah they do reply to you, but they kept telling me the same things over and over again and avoiding within answering my questions. "It takes 3-4 weeks to make and shipped out."  When that was not exactly what i was asking, which is kind of annoying.
So my first impressions of the dress when i had opened the package, i was pretty surprised, i mean it looked pretty decent.
I was very worried that it would not come with the ears or the tail because on the website they did not specify that but it did which i was VERY happy about.
The material does not really feel cheap, they have invisible zippers which is really helpful because nobody wants to see someones zipper on their cosplay >.<
The outfit also came with a pettiskirt which i was worried about that i would not be able to get one with it.
But thankfully it did some with it, it gives it a bit of a poof which can be helpful sometimes, and it isn't really that bad, it's a pretty good pettiskirt.
I found nothing defective with the ears, they were perfect.
The material is really soft and they just look really nice so i am very happy about that.
One thing i do not like is the fact the tail is holded by a safety pin, it's not secure at all but a simple sew to the dress wouldn't be too much work for me.
So it's not really a big deal.
I did notice though that there was a hole in the bottom part of the tail, it's very minor and the fur really covers it up but it was just kinda annoying.
But i can simple just stitch that back.
One thing that i did notice about the apron was that it had a bit of a small circle brownish stains on it.
I'm not sure whether it will comme out if i wash it but yeah, >.<
It's very minor but i was able to notice it so.. Errr. Yeah.
The choker is just a string that had the bell attached, but the bell was attached by a VERY small elastic piece of thread.
It easily fell off as i was on my way to my moms, i had a feeling that it would.
But thank god that my mom was able to stitch it back on, because i think they should of sewn it on much better but eh what can you do?

Here is a picture of me wearing the cosplay.
Overall i am pretty happy with the outcome of the cosplay, and i am very happy that i had bought it instead of make it, it would have been hell to make this dress, especially on my moms schedule.
Woulda been very tight.

I am very pleased because of all the reviews that people leave about this site i am actually very happy with the cosplay that i had recieved and the quality of it as well.
I definitely if i need a quickish cosplay or am too lazy to make it i will definitely return back to them!

Although mine was not defective, i am not sure in whether the whole site has good quality cosplays so yeah, don't take my word for it but the one that i had got i was VERY pleased with!

My rating is a B, :P

Hey everyone!
Here today to bring you guys a review of a product i've been trying out lately and let me tell you i LOVE IT!
So the product that i will be reviewing is the Degree Clinical Anti-Perspirant for women.
So it's kinda gross but i have suffered from bad sweat throughout my years, i sweat alot and it really sucks.
But after i had started using this i had noticed that i don't even sweat and the powder smell{Which is kinda nice} Stays all day!
It's definitely a life saver, i have tried other clinical strength anti-perspirant but they did no good for me.
This literally stops my sweating, i mean it is at least 40 degrees outside and i have no sweat once... It's absolutely crazy because by now i would be kinda really sweated... Errr yeah. >.<

I had read online to see what people had said bout it before i tried it, and it was a bunch of mixed reviews, but i guess something isn't always going to work for someone but it might work for another.
That is what happened in my case and i am definitely very thrilled that i do not have to worry about sweating anymore!