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Hey there everyone. (:
I completely realized today that life moves so fast when you get older, i mean it feels like school just started. :/ And even the days go by so quickly, WAAAAH.... This sucks, i'm growing up sooo fast! I mean i want to get older but i don't, lifes just moving way too fast before my eyes it's seriously scaring me :(
Anyways, moving onto the cool stuff, i recently just found this adorable site that sells the cutest clothing/accessories! I'm sure many of you people have heard of the site but it's called ChubbyBunny, they sell alot of kawaii items!
My favourites have got to be there bows, they are just so darn kawaii!!!


I'm really excited to Cosplay CardCaptor Sakura, especially to make my own wand. I totally understand that this will be alot of work but i am definitely up for it, i mean me and my mom are very crafty so it can't be SOOO hard. They have one on Ebay for $70+, it is a toy one as well, not a cosplay one. But it isn't a Japanese/Bandai one, it's a Chinese one, i mean not that it's like a total ripoff, but i'd prefer an authentic one if i'm going to be spending that much. :P

I really cannot wait for my cosplay to arrive, i seriously hope it arrives in time though, i really wanted to go to AnimeNorth all suited up. Especially since it's all about anime/manga and CardCaptor Sakura is strictly those, so yeah! Let's cross our fingers, or wait is that good luck or bad luck? I heard crossing your fingers actually jinx's yourself. Bahaha anyways yeah! Let's just keep hope!
For English, in grade 11&12, in i believe where i live there's an kind of project in which is worth 15% of your mark. You have to analyze poems and make an essay on them, on that theme that you had chosen. Jeeez, let me just say this project is so damn stressful, i seriously just want to rip my hair out... :(
I'm sure many of you have heard of the site, Bodyline. It provides very cute Lolita style clothing, for cheaper price compared to Angelic Pretty & other brand names. I really like Lolita style clothing, i think they look really elegant but also can bring out your childish side if you are wearing Sweet Lolita, Classic Lolita is pretty as well though. (: The one disadvantage about Bodyline is the servers on their site, they are VERY VERY VERY slow. :/


I'm seriously also very happy for two other things, I am consulting with my dentist on May 10th, to get my braces off. To just check if he will be able to get them off and they'll still look okay, hopefully i'll still be able to get them off on the 17th cause my teeth look fine tbh. I am very happy with the outcome, i think my teeth look very beautiful hehe... :3
Also on wednesday may 11th i am going to the optometrist to get new eye glasses, WOOOT WOOOT ! And also to get my eyes checked so i know my prescription so i can get some circle lenses, yay ! :3

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