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Hey there everyone! :)
I hope everyone is having a joy filled summer! .. If you are on summer that is.. LOL.


This week has kind of gotten exciting while i'm waiting to leave for the cottage,
Because there is a Spongebob Marathon on nick!
It is sooo awesome cause it's 24/7 !!
And every spongebob episode EVER! :D


I also decided since i got 3 cosplay outfits from Cocosilver, i would do a review every day.
So i'll even it out.
Today i'll be doing a review on the Night Class uniform, which i will link here.

The outfit in all is VERY excellent quality, i mean amazing quality.
It's very shocking too! It isn't shiny or anything, it actually feels like a real uniform.
The whole self of the cosplay is very neat, nothing is uneven or looks out of place it all is in very good shape!

The ribbon that came with it is very long, which i guess could be good because you can decide how long and big you want the bow to be, (:

I really love the jacket because it looks very good and it fits like a glove!

I love how they actually have the rose buttons on it, <3 Makes it very exact, teehehee.
They seem kind of loose though so i think i might sew them on better.
It might be different when i am wearing it though, i haven't really checked. LOL.

The skirt is as well very great quality!
I have nothing bad to say about it because i really like the quality that the skirt is.

Now some stuff to say about the ACTUAL company.
  1. They were very helpful, answered any questions that i had with very accurate answers!
  2. The shipping was very fast, it came in less than a month! Which i am very happy with! And very surprised with, usually companies take a really long time to get them here :( Or at least more than a month!
  3. They were just really nice and an awesome company overall!

I definitely if i need to buy another cosplay because of a tight schedule, i will order from them if they have it on their site ~ <3

Okay now onto the stocking wig.
I know it looks terrible right now, that is because i am in the process of brushing it out because i wore it to an event and it got very messed up ;~;

But when i first opened the package, i noticed that it looked exactly like the picture, cause usually i've noticed that with alot of people on ebay, they will order a Stocking wig.
And what they receive is much different than what the picture was!! Which obviously must really suck!
It was very soft and nice, but since it is a very very very long wig it tangles very easily, sadly.
That is what happened with mine.
As well when i had gone to the event i went too, i got bubble solution on it and it really made the wig gross.
As you can tell though i have brushed it out pretty far.
I find if you take your time when you are caring for your wig, you can keep it in good shape. :)
I am taking my time getting out the tangles and it is working pretty well :)

And this is the top of the wig... a wig disaster xD
It also came with it's own tag and their way of how to care for the wig, which was really nice. :)

So when i had gone to Pacific Mall, i had picked up a really cute contact lenses case! :D
I saw it and automatically loved it, it was so cute and i just had to have it.
It was pretty cheap too compared to some on the internet, it was only 5$ and it came with some accessories inside which is a plus, of course. ^_^


And this is the closeup of the design on the lenses case


This is the inside of the lenses case!
It comes with a relatively big mirror which is handy!
And it also is a magnetic close so i guess it won't break so easily :P

It comes with a solution bottle, a contact lenses holder thingie, and some tweezers ^_^
Overall i really like it, i think it is adorable, and it's pink!

And now for the dress and the shirt i got (:
Well i'm gonna go back to watching some more spongebob!
Talk to you all laters! :D

09/30/2013 18:39

How much did that costume cost? It's really good looking!!


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