Miki Shake
Heyhey guys! Sorry i haven't posted much. I've been very very very torn between two sites, Blogspot & Weebly.
I am not sure which i want to use for my blogging/personal use. It really sucks because they both have really great features, but i truly am not sure which i want to use because it's better to decide before you get along down the road and you don't want to use that host anymore.
But i still am testing out the two sites and deciding which i like. (:

I found the site 'Cosplay.com' long time ago back in August of 2010, and i've had an account since than but haven't really used it till now. It's a great community for Cosplayers, Anime/Manga lovers, and just anything along the lines of those. I am so happy i found this forum because now i will be able to meet others with the same interests as me and that's why i've always been looking for since most of my friends irl do not have similar interests to me, which i mean i'm fine with but it would be nice to meet some people with similar interests. && Here i can! The people are so freaking friendly, which is absolutely a plus, i mean who doesn't love friendly people? They are really nice, and just yay!

There are way more people in my area than i expected on the site which is freaking awesome cause now i can talk with them and possibly we could meet up to do cosplay photoshoots and stuff, it'd just be a total party hehe!

I've been having major skin issues the past year, i've been having constant breakouts and my skin just isn't looking healthy at all! One thing that i've been really desperate to do but haven't really had the energy to go out and buy is an Exfoliater, I found MichellePhan's youtube video of her homemade exfoliater and literally died, because it is sooo easy to make and so cheap! It works amazingly, my skin felt so smooth that i did not even have to apply moisturizer!


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