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Hey guys! So i am here to bring you a review for the site Cosplayhouse.com , and a cosplay that i had purchased from them. That cosplay being, my CardCaptor Sakura Kitty dress, yepyep.
So my first impressions i thought the cosplay looked absolutely amazing, but after i had bought it wi was a bit uneasy if it would arrive in time. I had than started to read reviews on the internet and such about the website and alot of people had been posting very negative things about the website so i started to get a bit annoyed. >.<
I had ordered it at the beginning of the month, and they said that it takes 3-4 business weeks to get here, so i was all "Great it'll show up in time." ... Turns out it didn't, it showed up the wednesday after the con, annoyed i was.
Their customer service is kind of crappy, i mean yeah they do reply to you, but they kept telling me the same things over and over again and avoiding within answering my questions. "It takes 3-4 weeks to make and shipped out."  When that was not exactly what i was asking, which is kind of annoying.
So my first impressions of the dress when i had opened the package, i was pretty surprised, i mean it looked pretty decent.
I was very worried that it would not come with the ears or the tail because on the website they did not specify that but it did which i was VERY happy about.
The material does not really feel cheap, they have invisible zippers which is really helpful because nobody wants to see someones zipper on their cosplay >.<
The outfit also came with a pettiskirt which i was worried about that i would not be able to get one with it.
But thankfully it did some with it, it gives it a bit of a poof which can be helpful sometimes, and it isn't really that bad, it's a pretty good pettiskirt.
I found nothing defective with the ears, they were perfect.
The material is really soft and they just look really nice so i am very happy about that.
One thing i do not like is the fact the tail is holded by a safety pin, it's not secure at all but a simple sew to the dress wouldn't be too much work for me.
So it's not really a big deal.
I did notice though that there was a hole in the bottom part of the tail, it's very minor and the fur really covers it up but it was just kinda annoying.
But i can simple just stitch that back.
One thing that i did notice about the apron was that it had a bit of a small circle brownish stains on it.
I'm not sure whether it will comme out if i wash it but yeah, >.<
It's very minor but i was able to notice it so.. Errr. Yeah.
The choker is just a string that had the bell attached, but the bell was attached by a VERY small elastic piece of thread.
It easily fell off as i was on my way to my moms, i had a feeling that it would.
But thank god that my mom was able to stitch it back on, because i think they should of sewn it on much better but eh what can you do?

Here is a picture of me wearing the cosplay.
Overall i am pretty happy with the outcome of the cosplay, and i am very happy that i had bought it instead of make it, it would have been hell to make this dress, especially on my moms schedule.
Woulda been very tight.

I am very pleased because of all the reviews that people leave about this site i am actually very happy with the cosplay that i had recieved and the quality of it as well.
I definitely if i need a quickish cosplay or am too lazy to make it i will definitely return back to them!

Although mine was not defective, i am not sure in whether the whole site has good quality cosplays so yeah, don't take my word for it but the one that i had got i was VERY pleased with!

My rating is a B, :P


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