Miki Shake
Hey everyone!
Here today to bring you guys a review of a product i've been trying out lately and let me tell you i LOVE IT!
So the product that i will be reviewing is the Degree Clinical Anti-Perspirant for women.
So it's kinda gross but i have suffered from bad sweat throughout my years, i sweat alot and it really sucks.
But after i had started using this i had noticed that i don't even sweat and the powder smell{Which is kinda nice} Stays all day!
It's definitely a life saver, i have tried other clinical strength anti-perspirant but they did no good for me.
This literally stops my sweating, i mean it is at least 40 degrees outside and i have no sweat once... It's absolutely crazy because by now i would be kinda really sweated... Errr yeah. >.<

I had read online to see what people had said bout it before i tried it, and it was a bunch of mixed reviews, but i guess something isn't always going to work for someone but it might work for another.
That is what happened in my case and i am definitely very thrilled that i do not have to worry about sweating anymore!

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