Miki Shake
Hey there everyone.
I'm so upset it's wah. I really was hoping that i would be able to dress up for AnimeNorth , but i do not think i will be able to which really sucks because i was super duper excited.
It really should have been here by now since they had said that it takes 3-4 weeks to get here and we had ordered in on the 3rd of May, but whatever what can you do eh?
I'm just praying that it just MIGHT end up showing on friday, but it most likely won't. But i can only hope right now, right? Yep yep!

But good news is i've decided my cons/cosplay list for this year. Gosh it will be alot of work since all of these cons will be during the summer and it's already May 25th, lol.

Cosplay Picnic 2011 ;
Saturday - Stocking

ConBravo 2011 ;
Saturday - CardCaptor Sakura

Fan Expo 2011 ;
Thursday - Vanille
Friday - Marisa Kirisame
Saturday - Stocking
Sunday - Serah Farron

That being that i have a list of what i have to finish and such, going to make my own page for this. :3 Just so i can track my progress as well as post my progress, (:
I know it's kind of stupid but i'm seriously happy to go to Sephora tomorrow, i've been longing to get some good makeup and this will give me the advantage to do that. As well as pick up ,my pre registered badges so me and my brother can beat the lines on Saturday, i'm a smart cookie :P:P
Thank god my mom gets off at 5 so it is possible to do both (:
Watching some American Idol, i really hope that Scotty wins just cause i hate Lauren.. LOL.
We'll see though ! <3

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