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Hey there guys :3 So recently I've been a little conscious about my weight, and since it is spring the weather is much nicer so i am able to go out and walk around as well as go for runs! Which really helps, but when you are trying to loose weight you want to balance between eating healthy and exercising.
I've decided to eat smallish meals, but a lot of them. I read online that eating fist sized meals around every 4 hours is a good to do when wanting to loose weight, so I've decided to do that. Although tonight, i must admit I'll probably big out by eating some salad and a hamburger... but that's okay. ^^;
I am writing up this blog after just coming back from a run, when you exercise you wanna make sure to shower as soon as possible, you don't want that sweat and gross stuff sticking on your skin all day D: .... It also makes you feel refreshed! ^w^

So today i went out and handed out my resumes to some stores, i desperately needed a job and i was just waiting for a really nice day to go! And finally i found a day to go, it was beautiful! <3 I left at around 1, and got home at around 4ish-5ish :P Pretty good hehe.

Another thing is i went shopping, while i was out handing out resumes. It wasn't very interesting shopping trip. Well actually the most interesting thing i got is definitely the Japanese dictionary i picked up! It's good to know other languages, especially if you are interested in the culture of that language/place. ^____^
Another thing{s} i had picked up was a very cute kind of cup, thingie... Stuff you'd find a candle in. But anyways, i'm going to decor it out a bit and use it for my makeup brushes on my dresser, it has a bunch of cute words and sayings on it, which really drew me too it. It's soo pretty :D , is it not?.. Well i think it is, haha. And i also bought some little different coloured pearl 3d sticker things, as well as some gems, more 3d pearls and some other little cute decorating things which i will decorate the cup with :D I can't wait!

I'm really happy also because i found out that my order from Liliesshop.net will be here on monday, the day it was actually expected to arrive, yeeeehaaaa! I can't wait to try out these Lioele products... so stoked! :3

Anyways i think i'm done here, haha :P

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