Miki Shake
Heyhey everyone! (:
I hope everyone is well, we have a long weekend this weekend since it is Victoria day!
Wootwooot, gosh i am so darn happy! School is almost over, we get out for exams around June 21st i think, and i'm so excited i've been waiting for break so long teehehe.
So something that almost every woman experiences... Stretch Marks. Something that at the moment i am experiencing, i have some on my lower back as well as on my thighs, it really sucks because i don't want stretch marks, they are so hideous.
I really want to get rid of them, so i'm googling some methods, i know of some sort of oil method to get rid of stretch marks in which many people talk about but i'm not sure if this method ACTUALLY works.
Gosh, i really am loving chocolate, i have some beside my bed, and i really want to chow the whole bar down but i am trying to get in shape so gah :/

I'm sooo stressed about school currently, it seems in my English class it is project after project, like just shoot me please D:
Essay after essay , presentation after presentation, it really sucks. But i guess the teacher has to get the projects in i mean we only have like a month of school left so yeah.

I really wish that i lived in Japan or at least somewhere where i could get Japanese fashion magazines.
They are so pretty and very in style and i really wish that i lived somewhere where they offered them.
Like PopSister, PopTeen, Egg, Etc. I would love love love it <3


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