Miki Shake
Hii everyone (:
I'm super excited, summer is literally almost here.
It sucks i have summer school, but blah , Least it'll get out of the way hehe.
I have 1 more day of school than i have an exam and than i'm done!!! :D
Wootwooot! Gosh where did this year go? Went by so fast :c

Me and my mom went and got the pattern and fabrics for my Miku Hatsune World is mine cosplay.
I'm super excited, i can't wait to sport this cosplay, and i love the wig SOOOOO much, it's sooo awesome O_O

I also got a 76% on my comparative essay, i feel so freaking proud!!!
I mean that's awesome, because we have a comparative essay for our  exam so now i have belief in myself that i'll do good.

Woo. Well that's all, sorry my blog posts are like super duper boring.
I'll make more interesting ones when summer starts, :P

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