Miki Shake
Heyhey guys! :D
So i got my new glasses, and let me just say i absolutely love them! They are awesome, and very stylish... I feel that they suit me much better than my other glasses!!
I also got my braces off which is very exciting for me because i truly could not remember myself when i didn't have braces so it's great to see straight and nice teeth! ^_^
So there's a picture of me, yesterday. :P With my new glasses, plus no braces! Jeez i'm so happy hehe. I feel the outcome of my teeth are outrageous, and i didn't even have to wear them very long it was actually very short time that i had to wear them. Only 14 months i think.

So i kind of have a bit of obsession with Juicy Couture, and i'm so happy that i was able to find some great and stylish glasses that i was very happy with!
I think they are very cool looking, and i am Juicy Couture obsessed so now i even have glasses to feed that obsession.

I also got some L.A. Colours makeup. Mostly only palettes though, and let'me say their makeup is gorgeous. Is is VERY pigmented and very shimmery if you like shimmers which i do. I've been using one of the palettes for my everyday makeup everyday, hehe :P
Jeez, The weather this month has been very crappy, it mostly has been raining every freaking day! It's insane, bahaha.
I mean i love rain, but it gets a bit sickening after awhile, i mean i want sunshine, thank god it was sunny today. As well as warm so, short weather! But i only got out when me and my dad went to go get some pie, yummy pie! We were watching Two And A Half Men and Jake had ate some pie which had sparked our wanting for some pie! It's cooking in the oven as we speak now! ^^;
I really am scared that my cosplay for the anime convention i am going to will not arrive in time. :/ I mean even after i had ordered the cosplay, nowhere on the site had they said how long it took to get here until after you ordered and get the email. Which is kind of maddening, let's just keep our fingers crossed, yes?
Well austa la vista , BABEH!

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