Miki Shake
Hi everyone!
Sorry i've been lacking ... AGAIN , with the blog posts D:
I've been busyish.. and lazy rofl. (:
I've been good though ! I'm superduper excited because fanexpo is like right around the corner!
It's less than a week away, i am super duper excited!!!
I can't wait to cosplay all these cosplays and meet people and gaaah i'm so sooo excited rofl!
I'll be sure to take MANY MANY MANY photos! :)
So i ordered circle lenses from honeycolor awhile back, and they arrived yesterday!
I'm so happy, i wore the blue yesterday and the brown today.
They are super comfy and i love the effect it gives my eyes! ~

I got the Candy King in blue, and the GEO Princess Mimi in brown :)
So expect reviews soon!
I'll show some pictures below ~


I also went to Chapters and decided to pick up some manga ~
I choose Pandora Hearts, and Fairy Navigator Runa
I have heard my friend talk about Pandora Hearts, so i decided to check it out.
Chapters has a very low selection on manga which is very upsetting D:
But there are places in my town that have like a bigger manga selection{Comic book stores}
Maybe i'll check those out!

Well i think that's all for now, ~
The cosplays i'll be doing for fanexpo are the following:
Thursday: Serah Farron - Final Fantasy 13
Friday: Yuuki Kuran - Vampire Knight
Saturday: Stocking - Panty And Stocking With Gartnerbelt
Sunday: Tomoyo Daidouji - CardCaptor Sakura

, So if you're going make sure to stop me if you see me!!

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