Miki Shake
Hey everyone! :)
I have super duper exciting news today!!!
To find out why... READ ON!
I gotta job at McDonalds!!! :D
I'm so freaking happy, i had my interview today at 4:45...
I was so nervous but now looking back i'm wondering why, it wasn't so bad i mean it was pretty easy interview!
I'm very happy that i went, and got the job!
I was stressing all day and all last night, i actually couldn't fall asleep because i was so nervous :(
It was actually very relaxed, i knew what to say for most of the interview, and he told me at the end that he would like to hire me and orientation is on wednesday :D!!!
I am going to finally have a job, something i've been wanting for awhile, i can't wait to start making alot of money and buying things and just it's going to be so freaking awesome!!! ^_^

I also had a religion presentation today, we got chosen first.
Sadly, it wasn't so bad though, we had a class discussion at the end of our presentation and the whole class got so involved!
It was awesome! :) I think we did good!
It was the first time i didn't read straight off of a paper or something, i winged most of it and i think it turned out amazing! so proud of myself :3
Well i think that's it, ta ta guys ~ <3

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