Miki Shake
Heya everyone, so today i went to get my package from the mailbox which had what i had ordered from Liliesshop.net.
I was pretty pleased with how the shipping went, i mean it arrived in a week exactly it was packaged nicely. I am just happy overall. :D What was absolutely awesome was i got samples of some products that i had been wanting to try out! Score! :D
I really hope that the products work, because if they do not that would be 120$ down the drain... but i believe that they will since they had worked for many other people! I haven't heard anything bad about the Lioele A.C. line so i believe that it will work, which i am super duper happy about (:
So for Easter, i had gotten two big chocolate thingies, one of them being Thor, in which he was the only one i had opened. I wanna keep my Hello Kitty one... ^////^ How weird was the fact that the only part of the chocolate left happened to be Thor's head.. hehehe well i thought it was funny :P

In English we are currently reading the book, 'A Thousand Splendid Suns' ... At first i did not really find this an interesting book, but now that i am getting more into the book i have noticed that the book is pretty interesting. In class today, i had read chapter 4-9... Pretty proud :3
I have no clue if it is just me, but it appears to me that my shelf as you see is kind of leaning down. O_O I'm scared that while i will be sleeping it will fall ontop of me, because my bed is right below. I hope not T_T That would hurt ALOT.

Well bye for now! Think that's all, :P

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