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Hey there everyone!
I have a review for you guys today, this time it's on a Korean acne skin facial line.
I have suffered from acne in the past, not so bad, but constant small breakouts and such.
I have tried alot of products, including ProActiv, Netrugena, Clean & Clear, and other high end products.
Nothing had really worked, i had read up on asian skin products and had read that they work well, because i mean most asians have very nice skin!!
I found this one product, Lioele.
They had a line especially for acne, and i thought why not just give it a try?
Before hand though i had researched and found good results and such of people talking about the products.
Which drove me to try out Lioele!
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I have been using it since around easter time, so aprilish ...
I was very open to trying the product since i was really hoping i would find something that would help my skin look better!!
I had bought the cleanser, toner, lotion, spot patches, trouble hunter, scar lotion, & the body mist.
Alot, but i really wanted it to work and i thought getting most of the full line would help!
Plus i found a great site that had them all bundled up.

And be aware, they ARE huuugeee photos since i did nothing to touch them{Not even resize!}
Going into Lioele, i would get really bad acne around my mouth/chin area, that's really where most of my breakouts are to be exact.
I had a few dots on my face as well.
I used the basic lioele stuff{cleanser, toner, lotion} 2 times a day, everyday.
I noticed after a month my skin started to get noticeably better.
I was really shocked, i noticed that i did not break out as much, my skin looked more healthier and clear.
{Picture Taken :May 16th 2011
You can tell in the photo that i have pimples around my mouth area and on my forehead}


You can see here that my skin looks much more clear!
There are less pimples around my mouth area{possibly none!}
I only have a bit of bumps on my forehead, but they are not pimples.
The amount of bumps on my face is really minimized compared to the last photo. As you can tell!

{Picture Taken June 21st 2011
I am wearing makeup in this photo, but since i am using a HQ camera, it's shows visible flaws}


You can see that my skin has much improved!
There is less redness, less pimples and less bumps!
My skin looks much more healthier and more radiant!

{Picture Taken August 2nd 2011}


This is the most recent photo taken with a decent camera.
I did not have the opportunity to take a picture with my DSLR because of the fact that the battery wasn't charged and i had to go out and needed a quick photo!
I hope you don't mind, i tried my best and it is not so bad quality!

{Picture Taken September 17th 2011}

As you can tell from the photos my skin has improved much!
It is much more healthier, clear and pimple free... most of the time{Except that week of the month... ladies you know what I'm talking about!!}
I am very happy with purchasing this product, i am almost out of my cleanser&toner and i will definitely be purchasing more!
The online shop that i bought these products from is www.liliesshop.net
They are a company based in Canada{HAIII IT'S MY COUNTRY ! :D}

The shipping was speedy quick, it came in a week.
I was kind of upset though because the cleanser had leaked a bit but it wasn't really a big deal!
They also have an offer that when you sign up, when you purchase items, you get points that can go towards getting money off of purchases!
I will definitely use those in my next purchase to purchase more cleanser and toner!! :D

So i hope this review was helpful for you all!
Make sure to check out liliesshop, they have a variety of lioele cosmetics and other brands and clothing as well! :)
Thanks guys!
Here is some more before to after photos, in order of time.
None are editted!

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