Miki Shake
Hey guys (:
I hope you all are goodygood lately! ^_^
I'm currently watching some Criminal Minds, i used to love this show! I haven't watched them in awhile though, but there's some sort of marathon on right now, SO YAY! :D

'm very happy because i found an old camera we have, well video camera...
It works pretty well, the battery is really bad though :/
Ignore my dumbo face, roflroflrofl.
Here are photos of my Serah Farron accessories that i did not feature in my tutorial in the last post.
I finally got home to my fathers and got ahold of plyers and attached them together ^_^
I'm happy because i think they look pretty good considering i'm terrible at making props.
I also recently bought the GEO Princess Mimi Green Apple contacts that Tsubasa Masuwaka can be seen sporting.
I'm very excited for when they get here, i also bought No.1 & No.2 of the Dolly Wink lashes, and also the crystal eyeshadow thing!
So expect reviews on those soon, as well as reviews on the other ones i own currently  :D
Some of the props i still need to finish for FE are :
  • Kero Backpack
  • Serah's leg/arm accessories
  • Stripes{Stockings sword}
I think that's all :D

I'll talk to you guys later!
Baibai ~ <3


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