Miki Shake
Hey everyone! :)
So i'm really thrilled to say that i have 100% completed my Miku Hatsune World is Mine cosplay!
I think it looks awesome! And i'm really happy that i chose this cosplay.

I chose it for the Cosplay Picnic this weekend on Centreville island in Toronto.
I could not wear my CardCaptor Sakura one due to the fact of it being heavy material, i would get VERY hot in it.
So i decided to do Miku's since it's a pretty light cosplay and yeah! :)

My mom and me spent around 5-6 hours working on it, and i just love the way that it turned out. :)
Here's some pictures. :) Sorry for the picture overload your about to see :C
You can view more in my Gallery!
I am also really happy because i had gone shopping this week, and i absolutely love everything that i got!
I went to Forever21 of course, and the stuff i picked out i just love it all. :)
It all fits nicely, its respectable clothing, like not short skirts or shorts, etc.
I'll post pictures later! :)

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