Miki Shake
Heyhey everyone! :D
Superduper happy! My dress had come...! It came last wednesday but i was a bit busy to make a post :c
I am very happy with how it turned out and the quality since people had said that the site stole pictures from others but it looked exactly like the photo.
So i'm very happy (:
Definitely will be doing a review, on the website hehe.
Here's some photos. ^_^
I am still very sad that i was not able to wear it to AnimeNorth... But i'll live T_T
It definitely would have made the experience 10x's better! But eh...Whateves. >.<

I'm so happy cause i am getting 175$ from helping my dad sell these tires he's been trying to sell for a year, wootwooot!
Going on a bit of a clothing shopping spree, hehe, (:
Think that's all, talk to you guys later!

06/26/2011 20:03



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