Miki Shake
Heyhey everyone:)

So as i have said before, i am cosplaying as CardCaptor Sakura for AnimeNorth, hopefully my dress/wig/boots get here in time.
But anyways i've started on my wand, i'm so darn excited, i just got back from getting some pink paint since i needed some. :P
I have done one coat of pink paint on my dowel for the wand, it looks awesome! :D
My workspace is so icky, i'm using the kitchen table and my stuff is everywhere, literally. :P

And than theres the birdhead and the eyes, :P

I really like how this wand is turning out, i really wish we got clay that could be baked though, since the airdry one is taking forever to dry, seriously ;~;
But that's okay, i got a week still, so plenty of time... i hope ! :D

05/23/2011 14:40

Hello! this is Yuffie_Suzume from cosplay.com. i tried to PM you on there but it said your inbox was full D; i hope you get this message soon! I'm willing to ship anywhere ^^ i've shipped to canada before, only problem is that it's an extra $10 for shipping because of the weight and the fact that it's going out far >< is that okay ? D: i can ship it out tomorrow if you can pay by tonight


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