Miki Shake
Hey guys!
Guess what! I just ordered my Angel Stocking, Serah Farron && Nightclass uniform cosplays!
I'm so excited! :D We were going to make them but there really is no time, even though there's summer approaching, my mom just simply does not have the time.
We are making my Miku Hatsune World Is Mine cosplay so i'm stoked about that!
I am really happy because my friend is cosplaying as WIM Kaito with me, so i won't be alone!
I've been alone throughout all my cosplays since, so i'm super happy!

I'll be debuting my WIM at the Toronto Cosplay Picnic on the 25th of June or the 26th if it ends up raining on the 25th!
I'm going to pick up my wig tomorrow... well today since it's 12:16, and also two Vampire Knight mangas!
Super excited!
I will update you guys with the progress of my Miku cosplay, i'm getting started on it this friday with my mom hehe.

We bought my cosplays from CoCoSilver btw, i heard bunches of good reviews so i feel pretty happy with that choice!

I also have one week left than we start exams, schools almost done! I cannot wait :D I only have one exam that week so it's pretty easy hehe, than summa vacay! :D

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