Miki Shake
Heyhey (:
Sooo i think i have decided on my halloween costume :)!
I usually don't dress up or go out really, i mean a party here and there but yeah.
This year i kinda wanna hang out with my friends baby sister. ^_^
Sooo, you're probably waiting for me to tell you what i have decided to cosplay... Hmhmhmhms
......You are just going to have to read on :)
I've decided to do Sailor Moon!!! :D
I've been wanting to do Sailor Moon cosplay for awhile, i did Chiibusa as my first cosplay but yeah!
I'm thinking of doing first season Sailor Moon (:
So i would have her first season brooch as well as her crescent moon wand{Think it is such a pretty wand}. :D
Tonight i also watched the Sheen Roast as well as the new Two & A Half Men.
I think that the new two and a half men is going to be okay, i mean it won't be the same because Charlie's not there, but it actually wasn't half as bad as i thought it would be >w<

I get really excited when Halloween arrives because of the fact of Halloween movies <3
I love holiday movies, especially Halloween ones{Loves supernatural stuff} >w<
I'm especially excited for HalloweenTown, it was my favourite Halloween movie when i was a kid and i can't wait for it to come on.
I dont really like 3, & 4 but i love the first 2 <3

A cosplay that i am really looking forward to doing later this year is ...
Love Coloured Ward.
It's by the Vocaloid Miku Hatsune, but there are versions of Luka, Meiko & Rin!
Me and my friends decided to do it, one of our friends had already done the Miku for FanExpo, and i just love the song, soooo cute! It's my ringtone :D
And i love Luka, so i decided to do it.
My friend agreed to doing Meiko! And my friends friend i think is being Rin, so i'm superduper excited!!! :D
I'll be making the cosplay, so because of that fact i'm even more excited.
And i'm going to have to pull off sexy because Luka is superduper sexy <333


Is anyone else excited that Star Wards is now on Blu-Ray?
I've never really watched the whole series but i plan too, whenever my dad decides to buy it ... :D

I'll talk to you all later, and i think you got to admit...
Miku looks superduper adorable in this video !!!! :D

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