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Hey there everyone! :)
I hope everyone is good!
Todays i am going to do a movie Review!
I recently watched the Disney movie 'Tangled'.
It's basically Disney's version of Rapunzel!
I have never read the original fairy tale 'Rapunzel' but everyone has been talking about it and such so i decided to finally watch it!
I had high hopes for the movie and those were definitely reached, going into the movie i was on my laptop, but as the movie went on, i closed my laptop and paid attention.
It's an incredibly adorable movie, i love the way they portrayed Rapunzel, i like how she's kind of shy and princess-y but she also has some guts and wants to do something about the situation that she is stuck in!
I like the way that Disney is doing the princess movies now, because they are doing an amazing job at not just having them very powerless and having the men and such do it all! They are actually fighting for themselves and i believe that it truly showed in Rapunzel!

I think the choice of the voice actors was amazing, i loved how Mandy Moore was Rapunzel, i haven't seen anything of her in it for awhile and i love her role in this!
I think the outfits were fabulous, i love Rapunzel's dresses, especially her dress throughout the whole movie, i love the whole story line, i love her little green animal that she has. I just love the whole movie and i think Disney did an amazing job on the movie and i am very happy with the outcome of Rapunzel.
I love the movie as a whole and it definitely has become one of my favourite movies, a movie that i could watch over and over again.
I actually had gone to the Disney store to buy one of the dolls, and i was debating on buying the tiara but i didn't, kinda upset with myself that i didn't D: ... And they were sold out of the dolls so i'm sad but oh well, life goes on!

So overall i think the movie is fabulous!
I give it a 8.5/10, And it's definitely a movie i am going to purchase and watch again ... and again!

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