Miki Shake
HeyHey everyone (:
I hope everyone is doing okay ~ <3

I think i've decided that for AnimeNorth i want to do Sailor Saturn...
I mean i would feel funny doing Sailor Neptune without a Uranus >n<
And i want to be able to already know them so i wouldn't just hang out for a photoshoot it would be the whole time D:
Plus my friends going as Sailor Pluto and Sailor Saturn are very similar SO >w<

My friend, Lauren, is going away to Vancouver back to university since she goes to university there.
I am very sad that she is leaving, so since she is leaving me and my other friends have decided that we all are going to go to Pmall {Pacific Mall}...I think that it will be much fun since we love that place and it will be a nice way to say goodbye <3
Well that's all, so have fun everyone! :)
Tata for now <3

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