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Heyhey guys :D
I have superduper exciting news today !!!
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So after hearing about the re-release of the Sailor Moon mangas i decided that i HAD to get them >w<. They also released the Sailor V mangas which is also VERY exciting!!!
I of course had asked my dad, because i really want to own some sailor moon mangas. The originals are pretty pricey for right now
My dad said yes! I'll be alternating through my parents each month, so my dad did this months, my mom will do the next, etc etc.
So they came out on the 12th or 13th, i forget to be honest >w<...
And now it's September 20th and they arrived!!!
I was super surprised in how fast they arrived since it was normal shipping O_O
The art on the mangas is absolutely beautiful.
I am taken by surprise, i am so grateful to be able to hold these... to own these... >w<
When i saw the box i was screaming, when i opened them i ran into my dads room and began screeching in his ear... he wasn't too happy but anyways , :P "You are easy to please..." Is what he said, BAHAHA.
I am very happy to have this opportunity, especially to have the sailor v, so excited since it wasn't actually any manga or anime and now it's been released, so happy about that :)
I cannot wait to read them, i have somewhat started reading the first sailor moon volume but i put it on my shelf, i want to read it tomorrow when im more awake, hehe (:

So i've finally come to the conclusion of the final cosplays i'm doing of 2011 !!!! :D
I've decided that i'm doing Sailor Moon season 1 for Halloween, and than Sheryl Nome diamond crevasse for Dtac.
I has talked it over with my mom and she agreed, so they are final so i am very thrilled. :D
I've been searching around and i think i've found the perfect wigs for both Usagi and Sheryl.
And i really to be honest can't wait to do Sheryl's dress, it is going to be absolutely beautiful... to die for, and my mom used to make high-end wedding dresses so she'll be a BIG help ^_^

For Sheryl Nome i think i have decided on this wig.
It looks like a good option and i have ordered from them before so i trust them :)

And for Sailor Moon{Usagi}, i think i have decided on buying this wig.
Same seller, but i believe it's the best wig i've found on ebay since cosplaywig only has the silver version of the usagi wig :/
So yeah :D!
I think that's it for now.
I'll update you guys later!!! :D Tata!~

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