Miki Shake
Hey hey everyone. (:
Superduper excited! My dress has left the Vancouver customs on the 29th of May!
It's almost here! :3
Which i'm superduper excited cause i can get my brother to capture a video/montage of me ! ~
It will def be pretty sick, as well as a photoshoot... i hopes ^^;
Another subject i'd like to talk about is human beings, as well as sexuality.
We all are human, we all are unique, we all are born in the eyes of God. Though i do not really believe in 'God' i feel that we are born in the eyes of something greater out there.
It bothers me when people tease others because they are 'gay' 'bisexual' etc. It's not nice, and as well as when people say that being gay or bisexual is like being an alien. Everything happens for a reason, just because one person is attracted to the same sex, both, or does not matter on what sex they are i find it very rude when people get made fun of for how they live. Someone's sexuality should not matter, nor should they get teased because of what they feel/believe.
I am not saying that i am gay, bisexual, or any of the above. I just express how i feel and that i feel it is wrong to make fun of people because of the way they feel about someone.
I mean just cause religions find it wrong and such, and that it's not natural, it is. Obviously, the way that we are attracted to each other is natural whether it be the same sex that does not matter at all.

That is just how i feel, and lately i've noticed that alot of people that are gay, bisexual, pansexual, etc have been getting a bit bullied. It isn't right. >.<
Well i'm going to go to bed, tata!

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