Miki Shake
Hi there everyone!
I apologize for being so absent lately, :C
I haven't meant too, i just have been kinda busy >n<
I apologize from the bottom of my heart, i've missed all of you ~

But i have some exciting stuff to share with you!

So lately i have been into the anime 'Angel Beats!'
I love it so much!!! It's really interesting because i have never watched an anime with a plot quite like it!
I love the animation it in, as well as the awesome characters! ~
So if you have not checked out Angel Beats yet, i think you should!!!

I have also been into the anime Macross Frontier
Along with Angel Beats! , Macross Frontier has been on my list of animes to watch forever! ~
I finally got around to it and i am super duper happy that i did because i love it!!
It's really good!
My favourite character is Ranka Lee, she's so cute ~
I like Sheryl Nome, kinda.... I don't like how she's kind of developing a relationship with Alto
I like him and Ranka >n<
I guess i have to continue watching to see how the outcome will be though!
On July 30th, i attended ConBravo! , it's a small gaming convention in Burlington, Ontario.
I was really excited for it, but truthfully, i was really disappointed. >n<
I was hoping there would be more anime related things to do but there wasn't much!
Me and my friends were incredibly bored throughout the whole thing ;~;
I was suppose to go 2 days but i only ended up going 1, thankfully.
I can't wait for FanEXPO though!
I have three of my cosplays so far, i'm just waiting on my other CardCaptor Sakura one.
Well... Me and my mom were suppose to make the summer uniform, but we ended up just buying one from ebay.
Which i am completely okay with ~
We didn't even have the school badge!
I hope my tomoyo wig arrives in time so i can wear Tomoyo instead of Sakura ... XD

Well that's all i have to say,
I'll update you guys later! ~ Baibai

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