Miki Shake
Ello guys! I'm soo happy that it's the weekend, but gosh did the time ever fly by so damn fast T_T It's kinda scary... I mean i swear it's going to be the summer so fast if time continues to fly by this fast!
Today as many people know was the day of the Royal Wedding, between Kate&William. I had totally missed it, due to the fact it being on at around 4-5am for me and get real i need my beauty sleep!!
But anyways, i got to see the end of when they were walking out from the church. Gosh she looked pretty! Personally i don't like the dress that much though ;/ I would have liked if she wore a classic ballgown, but she did still look very pretty either way ^^;
What I'm jealous of the English people is they get a holiday the day of the Royal wedding in England ... D: I wish we had that here in Canada!!!
But i did not mind going to school, i mean the day went by so quick so i did not mind (:
Last night i found the cutest Japanese phone. Well it's not very cute, but it's a good phone in which you can accessorize and the whole look of it and such i like. It's the SoftBank 705p Panasonic. I mean it is nothing fancy but it looks like a really nice phone, and i mean North American phones are nothing special compared to phones in Japan or other countries ;~; ... Idunno i just really like the phone, i love flip phones, i mean i own a Blackberry Bold and it's nothing special. I feel with flip phones your cool cause like nobody has them anymore. :P

I also found a really cute purse on Forever21.com. I seriously love the look of this purse, i would die to have it! I love how it looks knitted, i love purses like those.. I feel they look very classy & vintage! I mean doesn't it look like a cute purse? Or maybe i'm just imaging that :P:P I hope not bahaha ^___^;;

I've also been lately really liking Kumiko Funayama & Tsubasa Masuwaka. I mean you have to admit, they are just so darn cuuutee! I have to admit though, they have something very similar about them both, it's kind of scary OwO ... I'm really considering buying some of the past PopTeen issues on eBay! They would be so nice to have in my bookcase ;~; ... I live in Canada so we don't have them :P:P
Gosh i would die to live in Japan Dx ... I would love to learn how to speak Japanese too! It's always good to know different languages, especially if you are considering going to the place one day! Which i definitely am! :3
I as well am seriously considering getting a haircut and getting my hair colour done! I mean i haven't gotten either in around 2-3 years! That's extreme! The thing is though, i just wanted to grow my hair out.... I love long hair! <3 But there also are things called hair extensions on which i can use if i want my hair long some days... right? :3
I am considering using Palty hair dye, but i also am considering getting it done in a salon, i mean what happens if i mess it up? T_T school still has like 2 months and it would suck to mess up my hair and not really be able to fix it in time before the weekend or whatever would end, you know?

Some styles i am considering;

Some cosmetics i as well am considering buying are Etude House's cosmetics. They look like a pretty trusting company and they are pretty cheap. I mean around 5$ on eBay for an eye shadow! Which is a total steal in my opinion! Personally i only really want the eye shadows for now, :P

One thing i am so excited about tomorrow is the fact that Yu-Gi-Oh! is on! I mean i know it's kind of childish but i love Yu-Gi-Oh! It definitely is one of my favourite childhood animes, along with Sailor Moon & CardCaptor Sakura. I believe that they are mostly only playing the original Yu-Gi-Oh! because of the fact that it is the 10th anniversary of yu-gi-oh, which is total kickass. Something i would love to see is the 10th anniversary movie, that looks complete kickass!!

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