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Hey there everyone :3 Sorry i haven't blogged in awhile, i'm terribly sorry... D: I had wrote out blogs each day, but i by accident would refresh the page and they would get deleted so i just said what the heck and decided not to retype them out since i'm a very lazy person.
So getting onto todays bloggie, i went to the mall with my friend... And we went into a sort of like bag/purse store and they had the cutest TokiDoki across the body bag and i want it soooo much, but it's so darn expensive. It's 106$ and i have no job and just don't have that kind of money ;/ Plus i had just bought my CardCaptor Sakura cosplay so i don't can't really ask my parents to buy me anything ;/

Next thing i guess i'll talk about is the Anime Convention that i will be attending at the end of the month, it's in the Toronto, Ontario area... And it's called AnimeNorth. I've been so excited to attend this because my brother loves AnimeNorth, and plus it is fully about anime/manga and i love those both. I mean i go to FanEXPO and stuff but that's like horror, scifi, etc, it's all them in one... This is mainly anime/manga so it's a total score. I had just bought the cosplay that i will be wearing to this event, i usually would get my mom to make it but this cosplay would take us longer and we're on a short time limit so it's better to just order the outfit.
This will be the outfit that i will be sporting. The anime is CardCaptor Sakura, i'm sure many of you may remember this anime from your childhood? Maybe not. :P But anyways yeah, i love it and so i decided to do Sakura. I was originally going to do her Opening Credits outfit but than i changed my mind due to the fact this one is mucho cuter!
I mean cosplaying can get pretty pricey, but i guess if you are going to wear it more than once that's fine, :P The only thing that i will have to make of this outfit will have to be the wand. Since most of the wands online are ubber expensive and i just don't have the cash to spend on it. ;/ It can't be that hard though, i'm a very crafty person so yeah... :3

To buy this cosplay, or see the items that i purchased, click the links below :)




I currently am in the process of making a new site layout. I'll give you a hint, it includes Tsubasa Masuwaka... :D

&& Last but not least, i had purchased a Giant Cookie for my mom for Mothers Day, i gave it to her early since i wanted to dig into it... Woops :P

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