Miki Shake
Hey there everyone! :)
I hope you all are doing well! I'm very sad that the summer is almost over..
It went by way too quickly!

I recently began re-watching Sailor Moon.
I had been re-watching it last summer but now i've continued on that mission to finish it :3
I'm thinking of doing a Neptune cosplay for AnimeNorth 2012!

Me and my mom as well when to a park downtown in our town
And took photos of my Tomoyo Daidouji cosplay, gosh i love the photos and location <3
I will upload them to the gallery later this week so look out for that :3
My friend Lauren also found a photo of us at FanExpo!
We look so cute :3

OH. And is anyone else super duper excited for the re-release of the Sailor Moon manga? :3

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