Miki Shake
Hey everyone!
I hope everyone is doing well, i'm very excited to say that i had a blast at the Toronto Cosplay Picnic yesterday!
The people at the picnic were so nice, i made some new friends and i'm so happy i enjoyed myself and went! :D
I didn't expect people to be so nice, but they were so i was superduper thrilled! :3

The cosplays were amazing!
Some were so cute! I was around all cuteness, and thought i was going to die of all the cuteness, lol.
It seemed like Pokemon was the most popular cosplay there. There was a huge group and i got a photo!
They all looked so cute, and did awesome jobs on their cosplays!

The group for MSPA cosplayers was huuugeee as well, they even had their own topic on coscom for the picnic i was like woah o.o
I didn't know what the people were dressed up as at first but than i asked my friend and she told me, i was like "OHH. Lol."

I also picked up the Vampire Knight volume 3 from someone at the picnic, i was super thrilled C:
Their cosplay was awesome too! So i was superduper happy, heh.
I got home around 9ish but i had so much fun it was all worth it! :D

Thanks for an awesome picnic guys! ^_^
I've decided that my next cosplay project is going to be Anarchy Stocking.

She's just so darn cute, i think it'd be awesome to do her Anarchy form since i'm already doing her Angel form this summer for FE 2011. :D

And i would def make her plushie :D I would make a zipper in the back, that way i could put money and my phone inside of it if i was attending a con, :P

Well that's all for now, i'll leave you with this song, my current favourite <3

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