Miki Shake
Hey everyone! :D
So i hope everyone is well!!

I recently started playing a game called Virtual Family Kingdom{VFK}.
It's mostly like Virtual Magic Kingdom{VMK}, which i used to play when i was in elementry.
It was made by Disney but it closed because it was only suppose to be a promotion thing and they had it opened way long because it was so popular.
They closed it like 3-4 years later because of not wanting to make people pay so they decided to close it because if they had kept it open longer people would have had to start paying.

VFK came out shortly after VMK closed. It's kinda of a replica of the VMK :/
But oh well, at least it's KIND OF the same experience{Though VMK was 10x's better!!!!}
{That's my character}
It's a fun game ... for kids and i guess adults.
I like playing it cause they be so cute ~ <3
Check out Virtual Family Kingdom Here

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