Miki Shake
Heyhey everyone :3
So i'm very very happy! I had finally finished my CardCaptor Sakura wand! It looks so kickass and i am so freaking happy with myself. It definitely shows that you can do anything if you set your mind to it, and that's exactly what i did and it turned out twice as better than i expected!!
So i've been completely torn between the cosplays that i want to do this year. I decided on the cosplay that i'm definitely doing for the Toronto Cosplay Picnic ! I've decided to do Stocking from Panty And Stocking With Gartnerbelt. Gosh i love her <3 Her outfit is so freaking awesome, and she totally kicks ass! c:
I told my mom and she said that her outfit will be pretty easy so that's good, i'm not sure whether i want to do her sword, not sure. Still deciding on that but yeah (:
Another good thing is the fact that my boots came in today! Cheers ! ^_^ I was so happy when i saw the package, i swear i jumped for joy hehe. They are pretty good too, good thing though since i paid 70+$ for them, they better be good quality! >: ....
They are comfortable to wear, and their very snug which i like!

One thing that i definitely need is contacts for my cosplay. I will not be able to see if i do not have contacts on so i'm going to try to go and get the cheapest daily contacts tomorrow or some day. I'm not sure exactly how daily contacts work and whether i'll be able to just walk in and walk out with them, I hope so!!!
Fingers Crossed ! <3
I definitely cannot wait to go to the mall to go shopping for some cosmetics, i love Sephora and their products and now i'll be able to try out many cosmetics ! :3 I'm definitely will stop into MAC and pick up some stuff as well :3 .. Imma treat myself, teeheeheee.

But that's it for now!
Austa La Vista ! <3<3<3<3

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