Miki Shake
Heyhey everyone! :D
I hope everyone is good, ^_^
My dad is in Las Vegas this week, so i stopped by my dads house to pick up some stuff for the week since i'm staying at my mothers house, and guess what i noticed had come that automatically made me extremely happy?
MY CARDCAPTOR SAKURA WIG! c: I am so freaking happy, i had tried it on just to see how it was. It was amazing! The quality is very nice, there aren't really any revealing spots, it's all covered up. There is so much freaking hair on this wig it's ridiculous! And it fit this time! My first wig for my Minimoon cosplay did not fit which really sucked cause the whole time at the convention i was readjusting it on my head nonstop which was a pain in the rear!

I had left it at my dads, so i cannot show you guys, but expect some pictures, soon ^_^
I had bought the wig from the following ebay seller
I really recommend you guys check them out if your going to get some cosplay wigs because they seriously are amazing quality, and very cheap!

Another thing that i am very happy about is the fact that i am practically finished my CCS wand! I just have to hotglue the parts to the dowel, aswell as add some gold detailing and i'll be done!
I've worked on this all weekend and i'm very happy with how it's working out so my fingers are crossed! :D

My mom agreed to take me to the mall to pick up some makeup. I was orginally going to go to walmart and just pick up some cheap ones.
But i decided to pick Sephora.
I really want to try out their Makeup Forever HD foundation, aswell as the Too-Faced Natural palette, also some other stuff too but i won't babble bout those hehe.

Outside my moms house she has the prettiest tree! And i seriously just love it! I'm seriously considering getting all dressed up when i receive my outfit and getting my brother to take some pictures ^_^
I think that'd be bunches of fun, especially since it is such a pretty tree! Am i right? I think so!
And the last thing i want to talk about is the Bambi Princess Mimi circle lenses. I'm definitely going to buy some atm, since there is a sale going on a website for them!
I'll talk my mom into it, hehe. :)
Plus i have a coupon code for a website to get 10% off, and the coupon code expires tonight, so might as well take advantage of that deal


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