Miki Shake
Hey everyone! :)
I hope you all are good! I'm doing good, Schools been incredibly busy is why i haven't updated much :(
But i'm currently working on a new layout for mikishake, and i think it'll be amazing!
I'm also purchasing the domain later this month so expect the .weebly.com to disappear!!! (:

Here is a WIP of what i'm currently working on (:

I'm really excited because it's really looking good so i'm hoping it will turn out how i want it too<3

And most importantly i want you guys to love it as well!!! :D

I know i've been promising reviews of my circle lenses for awhile now, but i haven't really had the time.
I promise soon i will have them up! :)

I still have to decide on the last of my cosplays for '11
D: Golly so indecisive D:
I'm thinking Sheryl Nome for D-Tac :D

Well that's really all for now, i'll update later!
Bye guys!!! <3

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