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Hey guys :D So since it happens to be the 10th anniversary of the anime Yu-Gi-Oh! i've been completely obsessed, i mean i've always loved Yu-Gi-Oh but i'm so happy that the original is now back on television because i like watching things on television instead of on the computer... But right now as i am typing up this blog i happen to be watching it on my laptop, since i totally need to refresh my memory of Yu-Gi-Oh... i've missed almost all of the two first seasons ;~;

Even though Easter is already over, i'm seriously craving some Turkey && some Bread stuffing. I'm craving it badly too, everyday it just completely fills my head.... WAAAAAAHHH ;n; ... It was soo good this year at my fathers house too, which completely sucks cause it doesn't help my cravings. Omg i am just so damn hungry, T__________T I need some more turkey ... Maaaaa...


I also want to let everyone know that the site, Prettyandcute.com is holding a mothers days sort of deal! They have a coupon code, in which you can use to get 15% off any purchase of ; Lioele, Skin79, Skinfood, Joycos, & Pretty&Cute products!
Which may come in very good handy, because some of these products can get pretty expensive, so i mean 15% isn't that much off, but at least it's something right? :3
The one disadvantage i find about Pretty&Cute is their shipping, i was considering getting some stuff... But than i realized their shipping, and i think i had a stroke... ;~;
So i think i might hold off from ordering from Pretty&Cute until i get a job... T___T ...
I also just made my site a banner, so now people can advertise my blog/website! :D And i will advertise others aswell! :D
I really hope that one day, my website/blog will be more popular one day, so i will be able to get some sponsors and even some more friends and other things! :D
You will be able to find this in the sidebar beside :3

Well that's my update for today, i don't really have anything else to talk about c: ... I've been blogging everyday, YAY YAY YAY ! :D

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